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Saturday, September 11, 2010


A summary of coverage from various networks and various nations on September 11, 2001.

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Obama: Simply not enough (period)!

During a campaign stop on Friday, Rick Scott spoke in his efforts to defeat Democrat Alex Sink, whose campaign in not yet neccesarily sunk as she appears to be holding her own against Brown: 

"Our real opponents are liberals," he told the crowd. "But the ones that are most dangerous are the Obama liberals who try and hide from what they believe in. My opponent, Alex Sink, is clearly an Obama liberal trying to do that" he said. 

Make no mistake, this liberals are ticked off and full of vitriol. In fact, these very liberals would be the first to tell you that Obama is not liberal enough! In a op-ed today at CNN.com we discover that perhaps the Libs are about to throw Obama under the bus: 
Now hard-core liberals are griping about a Democratic president who isn't dependably liberal. The complaints are getting so loud that there is talk, leading up to the 2012 election, of Democrats running a candidate against their own president from the left on the grounds that the incumbent isn't liberal enough and is too eager to seek compromises with Republicans.

Unfortunately nobody told this to poor NBC's Brian Williams on election night 2008 when he gleefully announced to all who would listen that Obama had just become the first African-American President. Apparently his poor job performance has impacted his racial identification.

Barack Obama, the "Great Unifier", has divided the nation.  His attempt to be all things to all people has failed and now he has lost the title of first African-American President. Now that's the epitome of being between a rock and a hard place!

Lesson to be learned: Listen to your critics, but remain true to who you are, holding unswervingly to your character and sleep well at night. You'll never be good enough for everyone, so don't waste valuable time attempting to do so. 

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