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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hillary Clinton interrupted by protester heckler!

During a speech about internet freedom Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is interrupted by a heckler. Just like the Energizer bunny, 'ol Hill keeps on a going!

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AeroVironment/DARPA Nano Hummingbird UAV flying!

AeroVironment video of flight tests of its Nano Hummingbird flapping-wing nano air vehicle, developed for DARPA. Battery-powered and remote-controlled, the hummingbird-like prototype uses flapping wings for propulsion and control. Carring a video camera and downlink, the prototype has a wingspan of 16cm (9.5in) and weighs just 19 grams (0.66oz). It can hover for 8 minutes, remaining stable in gusts up to 5mph, and reach up to 11mph in forward flight. Way cool!

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Bahrain royal family orders army to open fire on innocent people!

Bahrain's ruling family has defied mounting international criticism by ordering the army to turn on its people for the first time since pro-reform demonstrations erupted five days ago. As protesters attempted to converge on Pearl Roundabout, a landmark in the capital Manama that has become the principal rallying point of the uprising, soldiers stationed in a nearby skyscraper opened fire.

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Bob Schieffer Blames Tea Party for "Nasty" Health Care Debate!

On the March 21 Face the Nation, host Bob Schieffer tarred the Tea Party as making a "rancorous and mean" debate over ObamaCare "even nastier." Schieffer promoted unproved allegations that Tea Party protesters "hurled racial epithets" and "spit on" lawmakers the day of the health care vote.

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