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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Obama census worker visits from hell!

A private citizen receives a visit from an Obama census worker who wants a little too much information:
"A US Census worker came to my house today. She was very nice and I tried to also be nice to her, after all she is trying to make a living and she doesn't know that all those questions that she asks, violate other people's rights. I told her where it in the Constitution and she wrote it down ( Article 1: Section 2: Clause 3). I hope she will go home and evaluate her job."

Here's another visit by another friendly neighborhood Census worker who opens up a little more than what she was suppose to:

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BP, Coast Guard Dance Around Who's in Charge in Grand Isle, LA!

This video was shot on a beach in Grand Isle, LA. Members of the press speak with the Coast Guard reps about who's in charge in Grand Isle: The final question of the conference asked who was in charge – BP or the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard’s spokeswoman said that while BP was the "responsible party," the Coast Guard was "overseeing" BP’s operations. When pressed on what that meant, BP said they work "in tandem" on all decisions. "Coast Guard is in every meeting," he said. The Coast Guard then stepped in and said that wasn’t quite correct, as the CG oversees what BP does – it doesn’t make decisions with them. But they step in"when something’s not going right."

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Obama Administration Will Respond to Sestak Allegation 'Soon'

"I can assure the public that nothing improper took place."

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Local TV Moment: Hospital PR Person Won’t Stop Touching Reporter!

Dan Noyes is not only a local reporter for the ABC Bay Area affiliate, KGO-TV, but his tenacious style of local journalism is about to make him a rising star in the world of viral video. While attempting to get an interview at Laguna Honda hospital, Noyes came across hospital spokesman, Marc Slavin, who employs a “touchy, feely” approach to press relations (literally.) Turns out, Noyes doesn’t like to be touched. At all.
"If you touch me again I'll call the police."
Is he gay, trying to intimidate or just plain weird?

Obama Holds First News Conference in 308 Days!

Fox News: Obama's lengthy absence from reporters' crosshairs has exceeded President George W. Bush's longest gap of 204 days. As a candidate two years ago, Obama, then a senator, mused aloud about holding a news conference every month. As president, Obama has held just four prime-time news conferences in the first 485 days of his term, but that is equal to the total number that his last three predecessors – combined – had held by the same point in their first terms. The Bushes had each held one; Bill Clinton, two.

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Sen. Murray continues push to protect WA taxpayers from oil spll costs, urges ban!

Senator Murray spoke on the Senate floor to urge Republicans to end their obstruction and allow the Big Oil Bailout Prevention Act to pass. This bill, co-sponsored by Senator Murray, would make sure Washington state taxpayers won't have to pay to clean up after oil spills, and it would guarantee that oil companies are held fully accountable for the economic costs resulting from their accidents.

Ms. Murray states: "I'm going to fight to guarantee that what we are seeing on the Gulf Cost is NEVER allowed to happen on the west coast!"

Who "allows" oil spills to happen in the first place, Ms. Murray? Moreover, how can any mere mortal guarantee accident free energy exploration and extraction of ANY kind? The risk is a small price to pay for the benefits received!

Coast Guard Says BP Oil Flow `Temporarily' Stopped!

May 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu reports on the latest efforts by BP Plc to plug a leaking well that's been spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico for more than a month. Key word: Temporary!!!!

Pence Discusses Gulf Oil Spill on MSNBC's "Morning Joe"!

"What can Obama do to stop this thing other than put on a scuba diving outfit?" Pence: "First af all he can lead, this administration was slow to respond and we still have not seen this President make this a priority....under the oil pollution act this is the President's responsibility....he needs to stop saying that the buck stops with BP and start recognizing that the buck stops with the President!"

Amnesty International Criticizes Obama For Not Closing Gitmo!

"The group specifically criticizes Obama for failing to make good on his promise to close the US prison camp at Guantanimo Bay"

Gee, I thought only Republicans broke their campaign promises. More change we can believe in!


From NewsBusters: President Obama's nominee to the United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Robert N. Chatigny, holds a disturbing fringe opinion that sexual sadism should be a legal mitigating factor. In fact, Chatigny put this belief in action while presiding over the case against the "Roadside Strangler" where he did everything in his power to keep serial rapist and killer Michael Ross from getting the death penalty.

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