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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Governor Video Games!

Battle it out with Denish(D) vs. Martinez (R) at New Mexico's own political social networking site. Bloody well unbelievable! Begin your battle at: http://nmpolitics.org/

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Robert Gibbs: Few people read the New York Times or Wall Street Journal!

During yesterday's press conference Robert Gibbs dismissed the effect of a story in the New York Times Magazine by saying it and the Wall Street Journal aren't read by many people. It's towards the end of this clip. Gibbs says is very quietly....shhhhhhh, don't want people to hear.  You know, Gibbs is a funny guy, he really needs to write for Saturday Night Live!

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CBS Finds 'Independent' Voters Who All Bash the Tea Party!

CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric talked to a group of supposedly independent voters who were all more than willing to bash the tea party. Vile weed!!!

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