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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Axelrod: Obama Criticism of Supreme Court During SOTU Was ‘Totally Appropriate’

"In this weird political season we have become accustomed to unusual outbursts in the chamber during these speeches."

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White House: ‘One Vote Away’ in House From Making Health Reform a Reality!

Shitake mushrooms!
"The House and Senate have passed a bill. If the House were to take up the Senate bill, that bill would then go to the President's desk."
Is this reality or perhaps another Obama admin. scare tactic?

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Rush Tells TV Audience What He’s Looking for in a Miss America!

"Poise, confidence, articulation and..."

Rush also receives the loudest applause.....by far!
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Rush Limbaugh dancing at the Miss America pageant!

Did Miss Alaska Take a Shot at Sarah Palin? "And no I can't see Russia from my house."

Rush Limbaugh dancing at the Miss America pageant!

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

‘Obama’s Stunning Admission’: What Was ‘Snuck’ Into Democratic Health Care Legislation?

Oops, Obama stepped in it again! Speaking on Friday he said: "Some stray cats and dogs that got in there....I think that some of the provisions that got snuck in might have violated the pledge (of being able to keep your current healthcare)." Um, Mr. President, I think that was supposed to be kept a secret!

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Clyburn: House Dems do not trust the Senate!

"My job is to count the votes and the votes are not there!....There are a lot of things wrong with the Senate bill!"

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‘Overwhelmingly’: Obama Claims Most of Health Care Debate WAS on C-SPAN!

Here comes Committeegate!"The truth of the matter is that, if you look at the health care process, just over the course of the year, overwhelmingly the majority of it actually was on C-SPAN because it was taking place in Congressional hearings in which you guys were participating. Countless hearings took place."
You couldn't count them if you tried! Wow, looks like "we" dropped the ball this time. Where were we anyway?

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Rush...A Letter to President Obama!

Rush Limbaugh reads a letter he wrote to President Obama after his first State of the Union speech.

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Obama Town Hall Meeting Tampa Gay Rights Question!

Barak Obama address University of Tampa student, Hector Flores, on gay rights question, January 28, 2010, in Tampa, Florida, the day after the State of the Union Address. Judging by the riotous applause these two "lovers" received after asking their question, it sounds like there are a ton of like-minded folks on campus! This is the President speaking folks.....shouldn't he be focused on something....anything else?

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Obama Gets a good Talkin' to...

...from the fine folks over at.....Dragnet!

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Did Obama Confuse the Constitution With the Declaration of Independence?

During his State of the Union address, Obama said:
"We find unity in our incredible diversity, drawing on the promise enshrined in our Constitution: the notion that we are all created equal..."
Wrong founding document, Mr. President. It is in our Declaration of Independence that we read:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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FNC’s Baier reveals Hillary’s behind-the-scenes ‘discontent’ as Secretary of State!

Audio clip: "She can say that she's not going to run [for president] all she wants, but I do think that there is something there. There is clearly a discontent in the way that she has been treated as Secretary of State. We get that clearly behind the scenes."

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Biden Being Biden: ‘It’s Amazing the Crowds I Draw’!

Vice President Joe Biden kicked off President Obama's town-hall meeting in Tampa, Fla. with his trademark humor. "Thank you all very, very much," he said to the audience, "It's amazing the crowds I draw."

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Rush to Obama: ‘Let Me Be the Father You Never Had’!

Comments from Rush's show today:

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Viral video: JFK on secrecy and secret preceedings!

"Without debate, without criticism, no administration can survive! There is little value of insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it....No President should fear public scrutiny of his programs, for from that scrutiny comes understanding.....An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it!" (JFK) Comprehension lights years beyond what Obama will ever hope to possess...from a Democrat no less!

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Inhofe: Obama Better Liar Than Bill Clinton!

Imhofe on KRMG radio: “I was thinking back during the first State of the Union Address by Bill Clinton and I thought, 'This guy can say things that aren’t true with greater conviction than anyone I’ve ever seen.' I honestly think that Obama is better."

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State Of The Union Highlights!

Even the next 7:00 minute highlight clip of Obama is too long to bear, but we must remain "informed", mustn't we! By the way, Obama let us know last night that people are out of work....just in case you didn't know this!

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OTS Official Snoozes During Geithner's AIG Testimony!

Arnie Cohen, congressional affairs specialist at the Office of Thrift Supervision, dozes off during U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Wednesday. Geithner, who was the president of the New York Federal Reserve Bank during the 2008 bailout of American International Group Inc., testified about his involvement in the company's rescue.

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HOLY $H!+ Its Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate On Camera - STREETS OF KENYA!

BHO'S KENYAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE ! ! SEE FOR YOURSELF ! ! Right before my eyes, there it is, Barack HUSSEIN Obama's birth certificate, mmm mmmm mmmm

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Report: Pelosi Says She Can Get Votes to Pass Health Bill With Senate Changes!

USA Today: John Harwood of The New York Times and MSNBC says he was told by Pelosi in an interview that she can get the 218 votes needed to get a bill through the House. Part of the deal would be that the Senate would have to pass changes in the bill through the reconciliation process, which would not require overcoming a filibuster.

Her Arrogance Is ‘Breathtaking’: CNN’s Cafferty Doubles Down on Pelosi Criticism!

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O'Reilly and Crowley joke about waterboarding Nancy Pelosi!

Just a few days after Bill O'Reilly joked about waterboarding Nancy Pelosi during his tour with Glenn Beck, O'Reilly repeated the joke on The O'Reilly Factor, this time with the enthusiastic participation of Monica Crowley. Crowley also admitted she wants the Bush administration back and made a serious pitch for "enhanced interrogation" and indefinite detentions.

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Stimulus ‘Jobs Created/Saved’ Numbers Not Updated in Months on Government-Run Site

"This was supposed to be a record amount of transparency and accountability with this program. We haven't had it." Note: Steve Moore mentions "recovery.org" but the government-run site is actually "recovery.gov." However, if you visit that site, indeed, the "jobs created" numbers have not been updated since 10/30/2009.

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132: The Number of Times Obama Refers to Himself in One Speech!

You would think President Obama's jobs speech would be about the American people and reviving the economy. Think again..."I've got a very short commute;" "I can't always visit people directly;" "I break out;" "I saw;" "I knew it would be unpopular;" "I ran for this office;" "I had no illusions;" "I had a whole bunch of political advisors"... But as Obama closes, it's not about him , it's about you.....the little people.....lest you be confused!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mary Landrieu - ACORN Videographer Arrested In New Orleans!

Mary Landrieu - ACORN Videographer Arrested In New Orleans with 3 others for federal charges:

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Jon Stewart Mocks Obama’s Teleprompter Dependence!

"You set up the Presidential podium and a teleprompter in a 6th grade classroom!"

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Obamanomics: A Bag Of Cruddy Dog Food !!!

Sean Hannity interviews Sandra Smith and Nicolle Wallace regarding Obama's economic policy. Obama's advisor and press secretary (David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, Robert Gibbs) all give different answers to how many jobs have been saved or created.!

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Obama: ‘I’d Rather Be a Really Good One-Term President…’

"...than a mediocre two-term president."

A little kissie-poo....

Mediaite: This was a big moment for Sawyer, certainly her biggest since becoming the World News anchor last month, and it came across slightly un-anchor-like.
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Bob Beckel: Republicans Are The Party Of 'Birthers, Baggers And Blowhards'!

Bob Beckel appearing on Fox News:
"You know, for a party of birthers, baggers and blowhards, you guys have done absolutely nothing to help this country along."
Well, if you watch Hannity on Monday nights, Bob is usually on with the "great American" guest panel and is always filled with "vitreal" where conservatives are concerned. Oddly enough, he and Hannity seem to get along OK. If Bob really believes what he says then he has either parted with or is disjointed from reality or is simply putting on a "show". Since he and Sean are actual friends, perhaps it's the later.

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Obama's Perfectly Safe Airlines!

See the latest in airline safety! This air safety video will guide you through the changes brought about after the attempted terrorist attack over Christmas. TSA and Obama are on the case!

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Thomas Sowell: Global Warming Manufactured by Intellectuals?

Thomas Sowell argues that public demand for intellectuals is largely manufactured by intellectuals themselves. He says intellectuals make alarming predictions using causes like global warming to create a need for their services.

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A worried White House!

The loss of a Democratic Senate seat in Massachusetts has made the White House "worry" about lack of support. "During President Obama's State of the Union Address Wednesday, he'll be hoping to reconnect with voters who voted for change....but didn't see it in his first year....Rumers of a major White House shake up are overblown". (Bill Plante)

Oh by the way, here is the change that Obama promised:

Obama says: "A spirit of shared responsibility and unity!" Code words used back in 2008, warning us of his socialistic agenda well before the elections.
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Dem lawmaker: Congress could pass health reform if men were 'sent home'!

From the party of hope and change!
It's the men, stupid!
Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-N.H.) said that both Republican and Democratic women members of Congress understand how to care for relatives and thus want the healthcare system to change.
"We go to the ladies room and the Republican women and the Democratic women and we just roll our eyes," she said. "And the Republican women said when we were fighting over the healthcare bill, if we sent the men home..." at which point she was interrupted by loud applause. "You know why? I'm not trying to diss the men but I'm telling you it's the truth that every single woman there has been responsible for taking care of a [relatives] and so we think we can find a common ground there," she said.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Will Electoral Losses Renew Democratic Push for Fairness Doctrine?

"In part because of Drudge...we now have a Republican senator from the state of Massachusetts."
Do the Deomcrats think that free speech is overrated?

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Oil Spilled at East Texas Port As Ships Collide!

Tens of thousands of gallons of fuel oil spilled in a southeast Texas port when two vessels collided Saturday morning. No one was injured, but the port was closed and some nearby residents were evacuated.

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New Osama (not Obama) Bin Laden audio tape released!

A purported recording of the al Qaida leader shows him taking responsibility for the attempted plane bombing on Christmas Day. Time to break out the heavy artillery again!

Text of story: http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/01/24/bin.laden.terror.tape/?hpt=T1

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Barney, Fannie and Freddie!

Homestead Mortgage President Bill Burnett discusses the implications of a potential dissolution of the mortgage lenders.

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Obama: I will continue to fight!

Obama spoke at a town hall in Lorain County, Ohio, stressing the idea that while the economy may be rocky and the fight difficult, he will keep on fighting for health care and jobs as long as he's President. He said he's not pursuing this fight for poll reasons; in fact, he said, if he wanted his poll numbers to go up, he would "do nothing."

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Health Care Reform in Limbo!

Now that they have lost their Senate super-majority, congressional Democrats are reaching out to Republicans in an effort to still pass health care reform. .

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Obama attacks US Supreme Court election ruling!

US President Barack Obama has said a US Supreme Court ruling on corporate donations to political campaigns "strikes at democracy itself".

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"As Long As I'm Your President The Most Powerful Voice In Washington Belongs To You"!

Uh huh!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Obama's Boulevard of Broken Promises!

On the eve of the Gitmo closure deadline it seems appropriate to take a stroll down Obama's boulevard of broken promises!
President Obama signs executive order to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay "no later than one year from today" on Jan. 22, 2009. That deadline has now passed!

Barack Obama promises that the "Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At Every Bill That Lands On My Desk". Give me a break!

John Stossel talks about Barack H Obama's broken campaign promises!

A review of President Barack Obama's broken health care promises!

The list of Obama's broken promises are growing longer and longer. No more business as usual huh? Backroom deals, bribes, payoffs and secret healthcare meetings. Cavuto, Huckabee and Moore discuss.

There you have it folks, change you can believe in!
Next time.....be careful who you believe!
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NewsBusted 1/22/10!

Topics in today's show:
-- Scott Brown wins!
-- Congress wasted millions traveling to Copenhagen
-- $200 million a year to try KSM in NYC
-- Star Wars sneakers
-- Palin on FNC
-- Half of soda fountains have traces of feces
-- Pee Wee Herman is back

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They screwed up health care reform again!

No explaination needed.....just watch!

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Airhead America Cancelled!

The voice of the left crashes and burns because of the economy so says it's chairman! You mean the same economy that brought down Fox News? Oh wait, they're still thriving! Hmm, that's odd! Could it have been their message perhaps?

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Huckabee says Obama will win reelection!

Mike Huckabee makes the arguement that Obama will now move to the center and pull a "Clinton" to appeal to voters on 2012. I don't buy it. Obama may change his message but he will never change his ideology!

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Hillary Clinton Speaks at NUSEUM Single Internet Freedom Cyber-Freedom!

Secretary Clinton mentioned the launch of a competition to improve information exchanges:
"We stand for a single internet where all of humanity has equal access to knowledge and ideas.....this freedom is no longer defined by whether citizens can go into the town square and criticize their government without fear of retribution....blogs have created new targets for censorship....we must also work against those who use the internet as tools of disruption and fear."
Code word: CENSORSHIP!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

‘Scam, Scam, Scam!’: European Parliament Member Rips Global Warming Hysteria

European Parliament, Strasbourg - 20.01.2010
Debate: Council and Commission statements - Outcome of the Copenhagen summit on climate change

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Rush Limbaugh's deep sickness of racism???

Brooklyn based activist Kevin Powell accuses Rush Limbaugh of a deep sickness of racism because of his insensitive (and misunderstood) comments about Haiti. From News One:

Where was Mr. Powell when these familiar "insensitive comments" about the USA came to light:

The race card is once again drawn from the deck. Why can't Mr. Powell see Barack Obama as an American President rather than a BLACK American President? What should race have to do with anything Mr. Powell? Aren't we all Americans first? Shouldn't we be?
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