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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Obama's choice for U.S. envoy to Muslim world raises eyebrows!

Obama: "Oops, I did it again!"
This appointment is potentially a major poblem for the Obama adminstration. From The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report:
Rashad Hussein, White House official and President Obama’s newly appointed Special Envoy to the Organization of Islamic Conference, has a history of participation in events connected with the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood as well as support for Brotherhood causes, once having called prosecution of the U.S. leader of a Palestinian terrorist organization one of many “politically motivated persecutions.” Mr. Hussain’s official biography states:
Rashad Hussain is presently Deputy Associate Counsel to President Obama. His work at the White House focuses on national security, new media, and science and technology issues. Mr. Hussain has also worked with the National Security Staff in pursuing the New Beginning that President Obama outlined in his June 2009 address in Cairo, Egypt.


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Kyoto 'Fail': Global warming a cold case?

After years of complicated negotiations and compromises many question if the Kyoto protocol on greenhouse gas emissions did anything at all to help tackle gas emissions. The Kyoto protocol has simply been replaced by the Copenhagen "agreement". "The world need to addreses the fact that this event is not scientifically motivated but in fact politically motivated" says Piers Corbyn, head of Weather Action.

Professor Ian Clark from the Dept. of Earth Science at the University of Ottawa used to be a believer in global warming but after examining the science, now discusses what we're not being told about climate change.

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5 more scary reasons to kill the Senate healthcare bill!

1. Forces you to pay up to 8% of your income for health insurance -- whether you want it or not.

2. Many of the taxes that will pay for the bill will start now, but the benefits won't start until 2014. How is that helpful?

3. Grants monopolies to drug companies to prevent generic versions of high tech drugs from coming to market. Not sure how that's going to lower costs...

4. Under this bill, the cost of medical care will continue to RISE an average of 1000 a year for a family of four.

5. The minor detail that it's not constitutional! Congress does not have the authority to enact this legislation, yet they don't seem to care. The people we have elected in both parties recognize no limitation on their power, and it's up to us - all of us - to stop this.
Source: http://bytestyle.tv/content/top-5-reasons-kill-senate-healthcare-bill

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Loughlin on Hannity: 'Difficult' to Defend Dem Agenda!

"This whole Nancy Pelosi congress has shifted away from the priorities that are important to Rhode Island"!

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'Weather is Not Climate'

A top White House administration scientist on Monday struck back at climate skeptics who claim that record snowstorms this winter have undercut evidence of global warming. “It is important that people recognize that weather is not the same thing as climate,” said Jane Lubchenco, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

You decide:
Weather: The state of the atmosphere with respect to wind, temperature, cloudiness, moisture, pressure, etc.
Climate: The composite or generally prevailing weather conditions of a region, as temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds, throughout the year, averaged over a series of years.
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Wisconsin Billboard Calls for Obama's Ouster!

Somebody in Wisconsin doesn't like President Barack Obama all that much. An unnamed company has paid for a billboard along Highway 41 in Oshkosh that reads, "Impeach Obama." The tagline says: "America's small businesses are failing; help us spread the message." It was paid for by an unnamed company represented by Tom Wroblewski who told the AP the sentiment is that Washington politics are bad for small businesses.

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