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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Interview with Ed Morrissey on Arizona shooting rampage!

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Ed Morrissey, a talk show host for Conservative Radio based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, tells Al Jazeera it is not the responsibility of politicians to curb their strong language, especially when engaging in a debate about government policies. (Jan 11, 2010)

The host begins with the assumption that political rhetoric comes from those "particularly on the right and far right". Morrissey responds:

"He targeted her because he had a personal grudge against her....and this is the reason why it's important not to jump to conclusions....it's better to wait for the evidence."

I would argue that negative "political rhetoric" can be found most abundantly with the political party out of power who desperately want it back.

Tucson Shooting: Jared Loughner's Neighbors, Classmates, and Friends React!

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Reactions from Jared Lee Loughner's neighbors and high school classmates shed light on how the people that knew him feel about his animosity toward politicians and anti-government attitude.

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