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Monday, July 5, 2010


LTC Allen West speaking before the Tea Party Fort Lauderdale before the July 3, 2010 Tea Party of Fort Lauderdale rally at Oakland Park Boulevard and Federal Highway. "Look around here, how many of our House of Representatives are standing out here with you today, the ones you sent to Washington to represent your voice? Absolutely none! That's why that storm is headed towards Washington D.C.! It starts out here with each and every one of you....take this message out to your homes, your friends and co-workers, make people understand that there are certain principles and values upon which this great country was established!"

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Oil spill costs top $3 billion!

From WPTV NBC5 West Palm Beach. Katrina was not able to drive many families away but this oil spill is. Work is tough if not impossible, helplessness is turning to hopelessness for many shoreline businesses.

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A quick look at a Colorado ghost mall just today. This huge mall is empty with the exception of Sports Authority and Staples. No recovery here yet.

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Gen. Petraeus in Afghanistan; Met Pres. Karzai!

The new commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan has arrived in Kabul, where he called for civilian-military unity in the war. He replaces General Stanley McChrystal who was ousted after bashing Obama administration officials.

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