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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sarah Palin Told You So: Obama Death Panels are Back!

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RUSH: The White House apparently has flip-flopped again. Last week they were caught trying to sneak in the death panels, essentially. A federal rule that Medicaid doctors, in order get paid by Medicaid, Medicare, had to have end-of-life discussions with their seasoned citizen patients once a year. What's an end-of-life discussion? An end-of-life discussion is, "All right, the day's gonna come where you're gonna die, and you may know you're gonna die before you're gonna die, and we want you to figure out when it is you want to die so we can pull the plug, you won't be a burden on society, on Obama, or Obama's health care plan. We got a lot of money to spend on a lot of people....... Sarah Palin came up with the term "death panel." Sarah Palin accused Obamacare of having death panels. They denied it. "No, there aren't any death panels." But yet the White House has now said, (paraphrasing) "Okay, we're gonna get rid of the death panel rule." How can you get rid of something that wasn't there? Proving once again how stupid Sarah Palin is.
Text begins 5:50 min. into this clip:

Rep. Kelly Pushes Common Sense Spending in Washington!

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Rep.-Elect Mike Kelly (PA) urges Congress to adopt fiscal restraint and put an end to run-away Washington spending.

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