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Friday, May 28, 2010

Rep. Michele Bachmann blasts Democrats for voting to allow another federal pay raise!

Ms. Bachmann explains how both sides of the aisle are responsible for Government's out of control spending! Now Democrats are voting to allow themselves yet another federal pay raise! ON WHAT GROUNDS!!!

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President Obama Examines a Tarball From the BP Oil Disaster!

President Obama Examines a Tarball From the BP Oil Disaster visit: "These you can actually send out teams to pick up as they wash up on shore!"

Demint Compares Immigrants To An Oil Spill!

Senator Jim DeMint speaking on the Senate floor: Democrat logic suggests that we wait to seal the oil leak until we have a comprehensive plan to clean it up just like Democrats insistence of a comprehensive plan of amnesty for our illegal friends!

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Rush Limbaugh: 10 Questions For Obama!

Your favorite questions asked including:

"Do you prefer golf or basketball when avoiding the hard work of being President?"

"You say you won't rest until every American has a job and the Gulf oil spill is capped and the area cleaned up, well why are you vacationing in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend and returning to Washington for a Paul McCartney concert?"

"Did you learn to solve big problems by putting your boot on people's necks from Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright or Rahm Emanuel?"

"When it comes to the Gulf oil spill, would you say that is better late than never is your motto or is it why do today what can be done tomorrow

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