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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another controversial billboard draws ire!

From WFXT FOX 25 Boston, MA: A billboard aiming to sell pomegranate juice is drawing the ire of suicide prevention groups. "What's on the billboard is upsetting some people who see and what's nesting behind it is making it difficult to take it down!" Everyone is offended in this local story as political correctness short circuits itself!

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Poll: Voters Shift to GOP!

WSJ: Republicans have reassembled their coalition by reconnecting with independents, seniors, blue-collar voters, suburban women and small town and rural voters—all of whom had moved away from the party in the 2006 elections, in which Republicans lost control of the House. Those voter groups now favor GOP control of Congress.

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Arizona Congressman: Federal Government ‘Has Failed’!

John Shadegg says: "I don't think America knows that....it's in fact a war zone in parts of Arizona."

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Buffalo News: The Niagara Thruway billboard seems to sum up what everyone in Buffalo wants to tell President Obama when he arrives Thursday:

"Dear Mr. President, I need a freakin job. Period."

Jeff Baker, the frustrated former owner of a small manufacturing company, and his brother put up the sign even before they knew that Obama was headed here.

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Republican Whip Eric Cantor Introduces YouCut!

Republican Whip Eric Cantor introduces YouCut, a first-of-its kind initiative designed to change the culture of spending in Washington to a culture of saving.
The Hill: "People will have the power and the ability to make Congress consider votes that will save people money with the click of a button or a simple text message," said Brad Dayspring, a spokesman for Cantor.

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