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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Japanese TSA Airport Security Guy!

The Japanese have their own take on Gropergate. Take a guess who is singled out as opposed to who is virtually ignored as they pass through the scanner. This parody aired on a Japanese television station but does not require a translation to grasp it's visual comedy. Forgive me for being blunt, but in American airports across the fruited plain, TSA agents who may in fact be closet homosexuals, are currently having the time of their life with the full support of President Obama and his administration. Has anyone else thought about this yet?

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Senator Udall requests TSA hearing!

From KRQE: The New Mexico Senator wants to hear from concerned passengers after the Thanksgiving holiday. It's become a 'touchy' topic in more ways than one!

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TSA Chief John Pistole on CNN "State of the Union"!

Listen in on the TSA's John Pistole trying to explain why certain screening methods are used. Candy Crowley seems like she's having a lot of trouble getting Pistole to answer questions. According to Pistole: Feeling up breasts, putting hands in pants and feeling up crotches are not over the line and not many people get a patdownErnie @ http://shortformblog.com/

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Funny School Video About Taxes!

These teenagers have produced a creative video about governmental taxation called 'The Economics of Taxation'. They are astonished by the complexity of the tax code and don't like it one bit. They offer no less than three suggestions to make takes as fair and as effective as possible:

1) Tax us equally.
2) Simplify taxes.
3) Spend more efficiently.

Did I say that these were teenagers (and future voters)......who get it!

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