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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

HealthCare.gov (ObamaCare) Days One & Two!

Visit HealthCare.gov and this is the greeting you receive, hour after hour....

Sadly, the joke is on those who thought they were getting 'free' healthcare. The reality (which was crystal clear several years ago) is that this beast is going to become increasingly expensive while offering less and less service to those who desperately need it. Lesson: This is what happens when government takes control of things. Let the private sector offer and compete for lower prices like they do for most everything else. ObamaCare is not fixing healthcare, it is only spreading the cost around which will eventually collapse the system. If they can't get a simple website to function properly then why would anybody think the rest of the process will be any easier. These are the adults we have in charge!

Here is another greeting you may receive:

Don't bother waiting, unless you have a LOT of time on your hands. According to the HealthCare.gov Facebook page, countless people are experiencing the same dilemma:  
  • Can't create an account because the Security Questions fields are not populated. Let me know when your site is ACTUALLY ready.
  • Worst website ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Takes 20 minutes just to get forwarded to your log in page & then there are no security questions in your drop down box!!!So it takes you all the way back to the first page to start all over again
  • Website doesn't work. Tried the 800 number twice, was told 30 minutes wait time...hung up on me after 25 minutes...TWICE!!!
  • This from a clueless individual: I am very glad to be patient for HealthCare folks to fix the glitches. I am proud to wait for such an incredible program that will allow me to have health care. Thank you to the people who are working to make my dream a reality!
What is truly sad is the amount of U.S. taxpayer dollars that were funneled into a program that doesn't even work!

***So what will Obamacare cost Americans on the West Coast?***

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