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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Biden: ‘It’s Easy Being Vice President’!

Today during lunch break during the health care summit, Biden was caught on tape saying this:
"It's easy being vice president - you don't do anything."

What A Maroon!

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John McCain With Good Points Gets Insulted By Obama!

Obama: An incarnation of arrogant condescension! Obama says, "John, we're not campaigning anymore, the election is over!"

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Obama smacks down Alexander at Summit: 'It's not factually accurate'!

Barack B.S. from moments ago:
Alexander: "The congressional office report says that premiums will go up"
Obama: "No, no, no, this is an example of where we need to get out facts straight"
Alexander: "That's my point"!

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Imus and Wallace chat: Obama's been a huge disappointment!

Imus talks to FNC's Chris Wallace on how President Obama has done so far.
"It's Carter all over again!"
Wallace: Did you vote for Obama?
Imus: (Exuberant) No, I voted for McCain, what's wrong with you? He's a phony!
Wallace: I think he's well intentioned yet evidentially incompetent.

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CNM Elite Workshop - How Republicans can win!

Suggestions from a recent Conservative New Media workshop:
"Be way more hip"
"Don't be a RHINO Republican in name only"
"Sell Conservatism hard"
"Get results for the American people"
"Respect the Constitution"
"Keep you word"
Anything else?

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Banking Activity for TARP CPP Recipients!

If you're so inclined to track every dollar and every bailout recipient of our U.S. Government, there is a frequently updated database to help you with this, no doubt pleasurable endevour. Subsidyscope, a project of the PEW Charitable Trusts, has a wealth of information, charts, graphs and datasets on the bank bailout, as well as a map of recipients of TARP bailout funds, by county.

Subsidyscope.com http://subsidyscope.com/bailout/tarp/map/ enables you to mouse over a county to see banking activity for TARP Capital Purchase Program (CPP) recipient institutions in that county. You can make a selection from the drop down menu to view share of total deposits held in each county that are held by a TARP CPP recipient; share of total branches in each county that are managed by a TARP CPP recipient, or the percentage of total HMDA lending originated in each county by TARP CPP recipient banks.

A history of U.S. Gov't bailouts can be found here: http://www.propublica.org/special/government-bailouts
It also allows you to view the latest bailouts and actually find a bailout near you:

"With the flurry of recent government bailouts, we decided to try to put them in perspective. The circles below represent the size of U.S. government bailout, calculated in 2008 dollars. They are also in chronological order. Our chart focuses on U.S. government bailouts of U.S. corporations (and one city). We have not included instances where the U.S. government aided other nations."
According to their website the current outfloes total: $499.5 billion This includes money that has actually been spent, invested, or loaned.
Click on a state to find the latest, plus historical data, and details on tax increases and benefit cuts. http://projects.propublica.org/unemployment/

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Obama Rejects Attackers' Cries of 'Socialism'!

Speaking to the Business Roundtable yesterday, Obama said: "Contrary to the claims of some of my critics, I am an ardent believer in the free market," Obama said in prepared remarks. "We have arrived at a juncture in our politics where reasonable efforts to update our regulations, or make basic investments in our future, are too often greeted with cries of 'government takeover' or even 'socialism',".

"Getting this balance right has less to do with big government or small government than it does smart government. It's not about being anti-business or pro-government; it's about being pro-growth and pro-jobs," he said.

Once again, can we really believe anything this man says?

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