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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sens. Kyl, Bayh on Fox News Sunday: Afghanistan!

Key senators on President Obama's much-anticipated military plan for Afghanistan!
"We want details of plan & clarity of phased deployment and exit strategy!"

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The 1/2 Hour News Hour w/ Limbaugh & Coulter!

A blast from the past!

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Comments from a black sister on Obama's historic June "gay" month proclamation!

Barack Obama has made the month (the WHOLE month) of June gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender month in America! Members of the black community are slowly realizing this empty suit of a President. This black sister comments thusly: "We as (black) people are in trouble because Barack Obama was able to bring our inconsistant spiritual behaviour to the forefront and show the world what a carnal Christian who doesn't honor his God looks like!"(Found at 4:10) Poor frame rate on the video, but be patient as this she shares some much needed wisdom from "the hood"....

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