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Sunday, August 14, 2011

FLASHBACK 2009: Obama's Spending Spree - Dangerous Days Ahead!

Political consultant Dick Morris compares Barack Obama approach to government with that of Bill Clinton. Morris (correctly) predicts Obama's economic stimulus plan will fail, and that Republicans will regain control of Congress in 2010!

Question for Dick: Got any stock picks for us?

`Day of Wrath` protesters detained in Russia!

It seems the whole world is protesting something these days:
13.08.11:   Police in Russia surround a protester, tearing him from the crowd and hauling him onto a waiting bus. One by one, nearly thirty demonstrators in the unsanctioned anti-Kremlin protest in central Moscow are forced to board the police vehicle. The protest one of several demonstrations on what is being called Russia`s "Day of Wrath." Chanting "Fascism will not prevail!", some protesters hold signs asking the government to release a detained Left Front leader. Some protest the likely election of a woman backed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin who would become the first female speaker of a house of parliament in Russia. Others rally for economic, social and political change...and many want Putin to relinquish power. Russia`s President Dmitry Medvedev has cast himself as less confrontational with anti-government critics than Putin - who steered him into the Kremlin in 2008. The "Day of Wrath" is one of several protests activists plan to stage regularly in Russia`s capital.

San Francisco Cell Phone Service Shut Down To Prevent Protests - August 2011!

Big brother BART (Bay area rapid transit) has shut down cell phone service to disrupt perceived protesters from communicating on Thursday evening, leaving all passengers with no connection to the outside world. Shutting down lines of communication is not something you can do in the United States and get away with it.

"After the blatant displays of brutality by Bay Area Rapid Transit police that left people like Oscar Grant and Charles Hill dead, the people of San Francisco have taken to the streets over July 4 weekend, and have continued since. Recently protesters noticed that the BART police are catching on, by 'asking' service providers to cut off cell phone signals in the stations. In response the BARTs actions AnonOps has already launched Operation BART."

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