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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Obama Nations? Snipets of Rush's comments!

Interesting photo today at theodoresworld.net:

One comment there reads thusly:

"People's willingness to throw American Exceptionalism, American Military Dominance, National Security, the Troops still downrange, and pretty much everything else in the face of a mild recession at worst; just so they could think they would keep their f*cking money, feel good about overcoming some farcical racial stigma (white guilt), and get "free healthcare" has shaken my trust in the people this Country to stand up for the Freedom and Saftey of the Republic. Since then, I have all but lost my faith in the american people."

Snipets from the Rush Limbaugh show during Obama's speech at United Nations can be found on the same page.


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Beck vs.Limbaugh?

In an e-mail to POLITICO, Limbaugh said any attempt to compare him with Beck in terms of Washington influence rests on a "flawed premise."

"The rise of Glenn Beck may be the topic du jour among media and politics obsessives, but there remains a lot people that either don't know who Beck is or have a fixed opinion." Michael Calderone

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