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Friday, January 8, 2010

Helen Thomas Asks: Why Would Al Qaeda Want to ‘Do Us Harm?’

Thomas’s “questions” about the Middle East have always been her way of pushing an apologist agenda that Tony Snow once dubbed “the Hezbollah view." Poor Helen needs to seriously consider retirement. Will all "due" respect, her diction borders on the unintelligible and this question is painfully naive so as to be laughable!

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Koppel: ‘Overreaction’ to Failed Terror Attempt an ‘Absolute Triumph for al-Qaeda’

"We have responded so intensely that they must be sitting there wherever they are sitting these days, in their caves, thinking, ‘Not bad. I mean if we can do that with a failed attempt, just think what we can do with a successful one.’"

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BBC still pushing Global Warming as Britain freezes!

Debate: Global Warming - Man Made VS Natural Cycle

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Rush Limbaugh: Media goes nuts over me paying my own medical bills!!!

Rush comments on various MSM repsonses to Rush's paying for his recent hospital stay! "What I paid is more affordable than what most people could pay....more affordable than what some people spend on media rooms for their homes!" Rush was treated in a private hospital. I agree with the comments of one YouTuber: "The system does need reform, but NOT where the government is involved. Allow insurance to do what it does best - allow the private sector to do what it does best - and allow the patient and the doctor to "haggle" on the price of things." Amen!

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The B-Cast: Reporters Actually Cover Obama Breaking C-SPAN Promise

Unedited video but worth the wait!

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