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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

'Climategate' row scientist cleared of wrongdoing!

The climate change scientist accused of publishing misleading figures has been cleared of any wrongdoing by MPs. "His reputation may be intact, but the committees report did call for him and his colleagues to make their data public!"

Electricity is so expensive that millions in UK are living with little or no heating at all. This is all caused by the power companies being allowed to charge just what they like in the name of CLIMATE CHANGE, The more people that suffer the more the Government likes it, the bigger the bill, the more VAT the Government collects.

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Media Mum on Far-Left Protesters!

Mainstream media outraged over Tea Party protests, but silent about far-left hatred.

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Obama: Tea Party Built Around Core Group Who ‘Question My Legitimacy’!

"There's some folks who just weren't sure I was born in the United States...whether I was a socialist..."

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Change….without the promised hope!

For many decades U.S. smokers have been slowly killing themselves amidst lethal billowing clouds of cigarette smoke. They have “enjoyed” this right until recent government intrusion of egregiously high taxes in an effort to “save” her citizens. Yet this glaring conflict of interest designed to raise taxes courtesy of this “ghastly” habits of millions, creates a mutual dependency (no pun intended) which continues to this day. It seems evident that this was one of the initial prerequisites for positioning the dominos of socialized medicine. Now fast forward to the present day where the “savior” of socialized medicine is upon us. Few seem to comprehend that because the first legislative domino has fallen the rest have no choice but to follow in succession. Even fewer perceive our children’s future being crushed underneath them.

Forbes magazine recently published an article entitled "States with the highest overall tax rates". It noted that Hawaii may be known for its beautiful beaches and tropical fare but it also imposes an enormous tax burden in her citizens. All told, the state collects $5,606.70 annually for every taxpayer. In Connecticut, Vermont, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, total taxes run between $4,331.11 and $5,464.59 per taxpayer annually. (Note that this is before passage of Obama Care!) Now that their taxes will be raised even higher, we must prepare ourselves for the influx of these broke, stressed out Americans who will soon flood the “free” offerings of an Obama medical center near you!

What’s the price for “free” healthcare? The ultimate price is your freedom, of course. What will a man give for his soul? Freedom to eat and drink everything you used to enjoy, whenever you wanted in whatever quantity your income could afford! Well not yet, but ultimately, we can’t have you eating and drinking in the manner in which you’re accustomed: Fast food here, endless buffets there….we cannot afford the “fruits” of your indulgences any longer. How’s your cholesterol by the way? Do you eat fast food? These are things your government will need to know before you go asking for the “free” healthcare you’ll be required to pay for in 2014. Compulsory health care will ultimately require the entire fast food industry to undergo major changes in favor of even “healthier” menu offerings. C’mon, you know this is true! Say, do you like to engage in “risky” sports and activities? Well, no more skiing, rock climbing or motocross for you! Protective helmet laws will soon seem like child’s play amidst scores of new government regulations which will be introduced to protect you from injuring yourself lest you became a burden on our nation’s “robust” healthcare offerings. Future government interventions coming down the pike will be much more intrusive than those anemic ones of the past. The days of recommendations and suggestion are over… the days of compulsion; mandates, coercion and skyrocketing taxes are here to stay.

Liberals seem to believe that high taxes either change or curb “bad” behavior. Shazam, it does! Here’s just one example: Maryland’s 2008 effort to boost state coffers by taxing millionaires, simply led the state’s millionaires to defer capital gains or find other ways around it. People simply changed their behavior by taking their stock options, moving to Florida, and cashing them out where there is no income tax…..duh! Sorry, Uncle Sam, no tax for you!

Oh, but Obama and his liberal minions love to collect as many taxes from “evil” corporate America as they can disguising the fact that eventually these will get passed down to the consumer anyway. Alas, now Democrats have found a better, simpler way to control you. You see, now that socialized medicine is law of the land, your government is now able control the last freedom you had left …..you!

That’s change….without the promised hope!

Therefore let us work diligently for a strong, conservative voter turnout in November! This understatement requires abundant, diligent repetition. Let’s get to it!

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Tea Party Express Rally In Nevada : Headline speaker Sarah Palin!

Greta Van Susteren interviews Griff Jenkins in Searchlight, Nevada during a Tea Party Rally that drew thousands and listened to Sarah Palin.

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Obama Uses Recess Appointment to Advance Radical Agenda!

CBS News: [Craig] Becker's nomination to the NLRB was opposed by Republicans, as well as a couple of Democrats, who argue he will bring bias in favor of labor unions to the position. Becker currently serves as a lawyer for the labor organizations SEIU and AFL-CIO and has spoken favorably of the Employee Free Choice Act, a bill that would make it easier for workers to unionize.

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