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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dick Armey takes sharp aim at Government spending!

Dick Armey is interviewed on CNBC where he totally nails the debt debate:

"I laugh at the liberals, they crack me up. These people are really funny. They got two kinds of spending in Washington: programs that are too big to cut and too little to cut. You can't find a left-winger in Washington (that will cut anything)".

Dick is great here as well as painfully honest. Remember, this is CNBC! He also goes on to say that tax code punishes the most productive Americans (not necessarily the richest) and is a proponent of the flat tax.

Michele Bachmann on Czars in the Bachman White House!

Is this quick clip Bachmann assures us that "I will not be having Czars in the Bachman White House".

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