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Friday, March 19, 2010

Rep. Mary Fallin (R) on ObamaCare: 9 to 12 votes away!

From News Radio 1000 KTOK in Oklahoma City "Mullins in the morning talks to Rep. Mary Fallin (R) is asked about the push to pass healthcare this week. She is fighting for the people to help stop this horrid legislation. "From what I hear about the vote on Sunday night they are still 9 to 12 votes away from having enough votes for passage...abortion remains the snag...there is not bipartisanship FOR the bill amoungst the Dems.!"

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Obama's last-ditch effort to win health care allies!

With a vote on landmark health care reform scheduled for Sunday, US President Barack Obama is sparing no effort. What's his end-game strategy? Working to help the president behind the scenes is his seldom seen 'Back House' staff, Chang and Chen.

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