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Friday, February 5, 2010


This black YouTuber gives a 10 minute discourse on why he loathes Barack Obama. He closes with: "Across the world people are looking at their watches and the're waiting for Barack Obama to disappear!" He's most certainly a conservative and gives keen insights which you will never, ever hear in the MSM.....but of course you would on Rush's show!

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A house freshman admonishes Obama with specificity and boldness!

Wow, he goes for it and asks for an explaination about his failure to broadcast healthcare debates on CSPAN, his promises of no lobbyists in senior most positions, line by line "sit-down" through health care debate, tackling earmarks. Here's Obama's answer:

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Obama Screws Haiti for Super Bowl - Rush Limbaugh!

"Obama suspended Haiti Medvac flights for the Superbowl!"

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Are people getting rich off the Tea Party movement?

MSNBC says protests continue over the TEA party convention; some speakers pulling out citing ethical questions about the "for profit" event! Blackburn & Bachman have pulled out.
#1- Was MSNBC this concerned about ACORN's law breaking activities?
#2- Is MSNBC concerned AT ALL about holding President Obama and the Democrats accountable to their spending habits?

Hey MSNBC, why not talk about the substance of the TEA party conversation itself rather than this diversionary issue. You do have a few journalists employed there, don't you?
Video: Rick Scarborough defends a few of the accusations.

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Biden Bumbles as Scott Brown Sworn In As 41st GOP Senator!

ABC News: Scott Brown became the 41st Republican member of the Senate today after being sworn in this evening by Vice President Joe Biden. Brown changed the political landscape in Washington with his come-from-behind victory to secure the remainder of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy's term. He was originally scheduled to be sworn in on Feb. 11. But Brown's attorney on Wednesday wrote to the Massachusetts governor asking to move it up

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