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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Limbaugh: Democrats circle the wagons for Pelosi, not Obama!

Rush nailed it again today during his excursion into broadcast excellence:
"They are pure revolutionary leftists. They got rid of all of their pollution. They got rid of their Tea Party, so to speak. So they're all happy, because now they can move forward as a unified bunch, and there's no ambiguity about what the Democrat Party is anymore. The Democrat Party is full-fledged Marxist socialists, and they're happy about it 'cause it gives them a jumping off point. And as they circle their wagons around Pelosi and not Obama, it just tells me that there's much, much more going on in the bowels of the Democrat Party than most people realize, people who are not in it."

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Disturbing NYT Report: Afghan Women Increasingly Setting Themselves on Fire!

A New York Times video details the increasing practice of Afghan women setting themselves on fire to escape the troubles of the war-torn country. It’s called self-immolation. Content WARNING: The images contained in the report are disturbing: via www.theblaze.com

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George W. Bush Delivers a Basic Economics Lesson to Matt Lauer!

George W. Bush, on Wednesday's Today show, educates NBC's Matt Lauer on how to create new jobs in this country.

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Matthews: Had You Seen This Hillary in 2008, She Might Be President!

Here's this morning's thrill for your leg!

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