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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Advice to Tea Partiers

John Samples, author of The Struggle to Limit Government, is director of the Cato Institute's Center for Representative Government.

The Tea Party movement may endure, but its endurance will be a testament to its ability to understand that cutting government means having a long-term focus. John Samples, author of The Struggle to Limit Government and Director of the Cato Institute's Center for Representative Government, offers an assessment of what Tea Partiers should do if they want to sustain an effort to cut government.

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The Tea Party - Parties & Principles!

This is a brief interview with a participant at the April 15, 2010 Trenton, NJ Tea Party. He was quite well spoken when he outlined what the Tea Party is and is not. The Tea Party is not an exclusionary community. Many people who are independents and democrats have joined the Tea Party. Keep your mind open and find out why; watch the video.

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Party of Hate? FreedomWorks responds!

A response from FreedomWorksAction — April 26, 2010 — In light of recent accusations, we're taking the opportunity to set the record straight. For a side so concerned with Tea Party hate speech, they sure seem full of rage.
This video includes a host of nasty, vulgar emails and photos from those tolerant individuals who love to attack those who love freedom.
DISCLAIMER: Full of harsh language and violent rhetoric. Emails and voicemails are only edited to remove names and phone numbers.

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