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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Laura Ingraham On NPRs Firing Of Juan Williams 10-21-10!

"NPR has a show called 'All things considered', it turns out that not all things are considered, only certain viewpoints are considered."

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Sarah Palin stumps in West Palm Beach!

From WPTV NBC5 West Palm Beach: Sarah Palin stumps in Florida, and Kendrick Meek looks for last-minute votes. Democrat is "confident" Democrats will maintain control of the Senate. I'm sure this sounds good to him, but this is more or less wishful thinking on his part.

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Tea Party Patriots Nat'l Tour OH & KY Sat. 10-23!

Tea Party Patriots National "Get Out The Vote" Tour. With 10 Days until Election Day, Jenny Beth Martin and her team stopped in Independence, OH on Saturday 10-23 for a meet and greet at a sports tavern. The OH group used the meeting to inspire and then organize a neighborhood walk. Ralph, Marianne, Amy, and the others from OH have their GOTV acts together!

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