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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Obama former nominee For TSA!

Erroll Southers was Barack Obama's nominee to head the Transportation Safety Administration and who would have be running airport security in the USA had he not withdrawn his nomination in January. He stated in this interview:

"Most of the domestic groups we have to pay attention to are the white supremacist groups,
those who are anti-government, anti-abortion, survivalist types and Christian identity oriented."

Under Southers leadership it would have been unwise to exhibit any of the afore mentioned during your stay in any airport terminal lest you be mistaken for a white supremacist!

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Gropergate: Obama Tells Americans: Get in your groping line!

Barack Obama admitted today during his NATO Q & A session that ordinary Americans getting groped by TSA agents at airports will not change. "At this point the procedures that the TSA are putting in place are the only ones that are effective against the kind of threat we saw with the Christmas day bomber." Take heart though, for our President freely admits in this clip that HE does not have to go through security checks to get on planes therefore he can't really relate to us ordinary folk!

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Airport Security TSA - Longest line ever!

Look at this video: 500 feet of security line in multiple directions at the Chicago O'hare airport on November 16, 2010. No lunch break for these TSA workers. Don't forget, the holidays are right around the corner!

Here's a look at what your TSA airport patdown might look like:

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