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Friday, October 31, 2014

Rachel Maddow: A Possible Fox News Candidate?

Not in her lifetime, I'm afraid. How unfortunate. Rachel Maddow could have been a contender on the Fox News Network. A late 1980's graduate of Castro Valley High School in Castro Valley, California, she attended Stanford University. Clearly she was very attractive upon graduation. She rebuked her natural born beauty and replaced it with something much less traditional but uniquely progressive. Sigh! We have enough men in the world, we don't need another lesbian attempting to look like a masculine woman. Currently she hosts a nightly television show, The Rachel Maddow Show, on MSNBC. Maddow confesses she's a "national security liberal" and in a different interview that she's not a partisan. Well, in high school maybe. But the past is the past. Maddow now lives in Manhattan and western Massachusetts with her partner, artist Susan Mikula pictured above who (ahem) has a great personality.

No, really Megyn Kelly........................

It's really sort of unfair don't you think? She's kinda sweet, has a nice smile but she remains oh, so partisan and highly opinionated. To be fair, we all are to some degree. Just tell us Rachel: Why in heavens name did you turn to the dark side? Come back to reason. At the very least, consider bringing back your long blond hair. It will boost the ratings at your network and we'll promise to turn the volume up.

CDC Deleted Ebola Fact Sheet Page!

As reported by Gateway Pundit The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention took down a page this week explaining how Ebola can be spread though coughing, sneezing and sex.
Out with the old:

In with the new....when we have it ready:

In the meantime should you contract Ebola, don't blame the CDC for any confusion.  
“Can Ebola spread by coughing? By sneezing?”
“Unlike respiratory illnesses like measles or chickenpox, which can be transmitted by virus particles that remain suspended in the air after an infected person coughs or sneezes, Ebola is transmitted by direct contact with body fluids of a person who has symptoms of Ebola disease. Although coughing and sneezing are not common symptoms of Ebola, if a symptomatic patient with Ebola coughs or sneezes on someone, and saliva or mucus come into contact with that person’s eyes, nose or mouth, these fluids may transmit the disease.”
“Can Ebola be spread by coughing or sneezing?”
“There is no evidence indicating that Ebola virus is spread by coughing or sneezing. Ebola virus is transmitted through direct contact with the blood or body fluids of a person who is sick with Ebola; the virus is not transmitted through the air (like measles virus). However, droplets (e.g., splashes or sprays) of respiratory or other secretions from a person who is sick with Ebola could be infectious, and therefore certain precautions (called standard, contact, and droplet precautions) are recommended for use in healthcare settings to prevent the transmission of Ebola virus from patients sick with Ebola to healthcare personnel and other patients or family members.”

Ferguson Store Owners Prepare for Civil Unrest!

Local stores and businesses throughout Ferguson expressed feelings of frustration and uncertainty as many have boarded-up windows, increased security measures and lost thousands of dollars in revenue amid protests stemming from the Aug. 9 police shooting death of Michael Brown. Many businesses said they will just have to wait and see what happens ahead of an expected November ruling on whether or not to indict officer Darren Wilson. Source

Project Veritas: Multiple NC Campaign Workers Willing to Aid Non-Citizen With Felony Kay Hagan Votes!

Courtesy Project Veritas:
A stunning undercover video exposes a reckless disregard of election law in North Carolina. Multiple campaign operatives and workers, both democrats and republicans, encourage felony voter fraud.

A Project Veritas Action operative poses as an enthusiastic wanna-be voter, who also happens to be a non U. S. citizen. When she asks campaign managers and other campaign operatives if it is okay if she votes they all say yes, no problem.

Greg Amick, Campaign Manager for Mecklenburg County Sheriff hopeful Irwin Carmichael, says, ‘it shouldn’t be an issue at all.” Martin Kelly, the father of Superior Court Judge candidate David Kelly adds, “If they registered her, then she can’t get in trouble. All they can do is say no. They can’t do anything else.”

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