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Friday, December 31, 2010

Funny Politics - Post Office Union Training Video!

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Need job security? Watch this Post Office Worker's Union training video on how to make sure there's always enough work for you and your fellow union members......if you happen to be a member of the unfortunate many.

Top 10 Fighter Planes!

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The following list was compiled by an Army veteran, just for fun.
No.1: F/A-22 Raptor
No.2: Eurofighter Typhoon
No.3: Rafale
No.4: F-15C Eagle
No.5: Su-30MKI
No.6: F/A-18E Super Hornet
No.7: JAS-39 Gripen 
No.8: F-16C/D Fighting Falcon (Block 50)
No.9: Mig-29
No.10: J-10 Vigorous Dragon

Blake Griffin Top Ten Dunk's!

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Blake Griffin top ten dunk's of his rookie season 2010!

Political Video of the Year!

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Many are calling this the political video of the year. Phil Davison, GOP Candidate delivered a speech on 9/8/2010 in his campaign for Stark County (Ohio) Treasurer. Even though he has a masters degree in communication, in this speech he was very passionate about his campaign and his perhaps "unsettling" emotions revealed it. Mistaken for a kook by some, but understood as a passionate patriot by many. May your New Year be filled with such passion!
H/T to William Tucker

Here are Phil's comments given to the AP as to why he was so "unusually passionate".

2011 Auckland and Sydney New Years Fireworks!

Bookmark and Share Happy New Year New Zealand style! Welcome 2011: Auckland, New Zealand celebrates the start of the year first with fireworks viewed from Stanley Bay.

Here are the 2011 Sydney, Australia New Years fireworks at midnight in HD....even better!

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