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Monday, November 8, 2010

Rush Limbaugh,"Liberals covering up for Obama after Tuesday Bloodbath!"

Rush comments on "the right" now controlling 1/3 of the house redistricting and how we can now make liberals a permanent underclass and deny them power for 20-30 years. YEA! He also comments on how Democrats are trying to explain their historic loss last week. The TEA party (a.k.a.: real Americans) is responsible for many victories!

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Joe Scarborough: Critics of Obama's India Trip Are 'Idiots'!

Emphasizing that President Obama needs to be in India for U.S. foreign policy reasons, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough held a sweeping indictment of the trip's critics on Monday's "Morning Joe."

When you are left with few substantive, cogent thoughts, then name calling naturally follows!

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Obama questioned for not declaring Pakistan a terrorist state!

One of the students in the Town Hall in Mumbai asked US President Barack Obama why America does not declare Pakistan a terrorist state.

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‘60 Minutes’ interview: Obama says "These are hard things to do!"

His use of the word "cooperate" made the biggest impact on me during last night's interview. The President tied the use of the word to Republicans who did not agree with his progressive, liberal agenda and voted against him. He apparently does not understand that they have the RIGHT to vote in an opposing way, just like the Democrats do when the Republicans have the majority....and will!

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