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Friday, February 6, 2015

Rachel Maddow By The Numbers!

The current ratings for the Rachel Maddow show according to tvbythenumbers continue to be dismal to say the least.....

Megyn Kelly's viewership is roughly three times greater on average than Ms. Maddows. Now just for fun, I tuned into MSNBC the other night in the off chance I would actually hear news devoid of reckless opinion. Sadly, it was not to be. Ms. Maddow is hardly magnanimous towards anyone she happens to disagree with. Most of the "personalities" who host a segment on MSNBC tout the accepted left-leaning progressive agenda; show in and show out. To be fair, the hosts on Fox News are generally right leaning by their own admission. Both networks claim to be more or less fair and balanced. Both also claim that the opinions they offer are within the parameters of the "mainstream". Yet MSNBC faces a perpetual conundrum of anemic ratings, month after month, year after year. To coin a Vulcan phrase, logic would dictate that either the messenger is not clearly communicating the message or the message itself is flawed and unpalatable. 

Personally, I have always thought Rachael has the potential to be an interesting person to hang out with ideologically. She is reasonably intelligent and has a attractiveness about her that lies dormant within a outer shell of unrelenting, condescending opinion. The average person should accept the fact that she, like the rest of us mere mortals, has her own point of view. This is really not the issue for me. In fact, opposing points of view can be of great benefit in the endless decision making opportunities we contend with every day. I'm afraid what really disturbs me is the patronizing superiority exhibited whenever she discusses matters of political/ ideological opinion. It's almost as though she is cryptically disseminating information that, if the rest of us were smart enough, would allow us to realize that what she is telling us is already common knowledge within the minds of the enlightened. We simply need to accept it without question.

What I believe draws abundantly more people to Fox News, rather than to MSNBC (other than Megyn Kelly's mesmerizing eyes, that is) is the confidence in knowing that the average viewer will experience multiple opinions from pundits and elected officials from all political persuasions. In fact, very often the same panel of guests discuss, debate, and argue over the very opinions which MSNBC refuses to even marginally engage, for whatever reason. Perhaps rather than perusing a thought provoking conversation, it's simply easier for MSNBC hosts to voice their uninterrupted opinions, without fear of rebuttal or correction. Most people would either appreciate a qualified, balanced opinion or a simple reading of the news. Sadly, Rachel's detached opinions are simply not cutting it.   

It is the very definition of insanity to keep doing the same thing repeatedly only to expect the same result after continued attempts, over and over, without end. My suggestion to Rachel is this: Terminate your contract with the rapidly sinking MSNBC, repent of your condescending ways, embrace opposing opinions, return to the days of being an attractive, charming blonde and maybe, just maybe Fox will hire you on as a panel guest. Just to be sexually inclusive, Anderson Cooper is blonde but he's a guy and unfortunately for him, possesses significantly less mental acumen as his ratings reflect. Therefore it's appropriate for him to stay with MSNBC.

Close this deal Rachel and everyone wins!


Farewell to Radio Shack: 1939 to 2015!

How It All Began:
Although The Radio Shack, "New England's Oldest Amateur Distributor", had been in business since 1921, they did not release their first catalog until 1939. This wholesale distributor catalog contained radio & electronic equipment, amateur radio & communication supplies, sound systems and service parts. RadioShack filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Thursday, February 6, 2015. SOME KEY DATES FOR RADIO SHACK:
1960: Tandy Corporation is established and begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange.
1963: Tandy buys the RadioShack chain.
1977: RadioShack begins selling Tandy personal computers.
1985: Scott-McDuff and Video Concepts Electronics stores are acquired.
1988: GRiD Systems Corporation is acquired.
1991: Computer City chain is launched. 1992: Incredible Universe retail concept debuts.
1993: RadioShack sells most of its manufacturing operations.
1995: Video Concepts is closed down.
1997: McDuff's and Incredible Universe chains are closed; RadioShack forms alliance with Sprint. 1998: Computer City chain is sold to CompUSA; RadioShack forms alliance with Compaq.
1999: RadioShack forms alliances with Thomson Multimedia/RCA and Microsoft.
2000: Tandy Corporation changes its name to RadioShack Corporation.

Info courtesy:  http://www.radioshackcatalogs.com/

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