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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recovery? Jobless Claims Jump, Food Costs Surge!

RUSH LIMBAUGH January 13, 2011: "More people applied for unemployment benefits last week after retailers shed temporary holiday employees." No kidding. "The Labor Department said today that the number of people seeking benefits jumped by 35,000 to a seasonally adjusted 445,000 for the week ending Jan. 8. It was the highest level since late October." Nowhere in this story is the word "unexpected" or "surprised," which is a first. "The increase comes after applications had fallen to their lowest levels in two years over the winter holidays. Applications usually rise in early January once the holiday season ends."

So we had all of these examples, "The job market's getting better! The job market's getting better!" Oh, am I being uncivil here reacting to this news? Need me to tone it down a little bit? Yeah, okay, tone it down. The last two months we were told the employment picture was brightening, that the number of claims was falling, good indication here that the job market was coming back. In fact, ladies and gentlemen, if you take out all the seasonal adjustments, that 445,000 number is around 700,000. It is nowhere near improving. "Wholesale prices in December posted their biggest increase in nearly a year, lifted by more expensive energy and food costs. But most other prices were largely well behaved, suggesting inflation isn't spreading through the economy." Okay, so food's up, and energy costs are up, but no big deal, there's no inflation -- no, no, no. Energy and food are up but other prices were well behaved. The other prices are really behaving themselves. Link to Reuters story.
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Sarah Palin: "America's Enduring Strength"!

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Unbridled, Vitriolic Hatred for Sarah Palin Continues Unabated!
RUSH LIMBAUGH: January 13, 2011
According to ABC News, the death threats against Sarah Palin have reached an unprecedented level. I have the story in the stack. In San Francisco today I guess we can say the president's words are being ignored because there are insulting posters of Sarah Palin on a street which encourage violence against her. The president's admonition for us to be nicer to each other is not working. And ABC News: "Death Threats Against Palin Have Reached 'Unprecedented Level.'" Should Obama have specifically mentioned how wrong that is? Should he? I mean this is not some vague academic hypothesis. This is actually happening and Obama is ignoring it. Now, Obama has no problem warning against the backlash against Muslim terrorists, and during the Fort Hood scenario, after it was discovered that Major Hasan had been getting inspiration from a militant Islamist a guy named al-Awlaki, not only Obama, but some high-ranking general said, "My main priority is to make sure there's not a backlash against Muslims in the US Army." Okay. All right, cool. If that's your gig, fine.

....and now, here is Sarah Palin: "America's Enduring Strength"!

Sarah Palin: "America's Enduring Strength" from Sarah Palin on Vimeo.

Great Democrat Memorials Past: Clinton's Tear for Ron Brown, 1996!

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RUSH: Our previous caller, when I asked if she had seen the Wellstone Memorial, said, "Oh, yeah, I remember Bill Clinton and the tears when the camera turned to him." That was the Ron Brown Memorial. Now, the Ron Brown Memorial, this was a moment. NBC caught this on videotape, and over at our TV show, our astute and observant producers caught the one feed. After we made their feed more public than they did, they pulled it. They stopped using it. Here's what it was. Ron Brown had been killed in a plane crash in Bosnia, and he was Clinton's commerce secretary. They were all walking into the church where they were doing the memorial. They weren't walking into a gymnasium on some campus...

An interview with Paul Shanklin- Songs of the Revolution!

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Here is an interview with Paul Shanklin on "The Conscience of Kansas" with host Paul A. Ibbetson talking about Shanklin's newest "Songs of the Revolution" album. Paul does a few impersonations during the course of this 15 minute interview (he he).

Rush Limbaugh - Utter Lies Told by The Political Left!

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Rush talks about how (D) Bob Brady wants to take away free speech. America should be concerned!

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