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Sunday, January 3, 2010

FOX News Has Satellite Problems As Democrat Speaks About Health Reform!

FOX News Has Satellite Problems As Democratic Rep. Joe Sestak Gets The "Final Word" During A Lengthy Health Reform Debate - 01/02/10

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Sam Cooke's Wonderful World: Barack Obama doesn't know much about anything!

Sam Cooke's song Wonderful World is used to demonstrate Obama's ignorance.

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‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs’: Is the Stimulus Plan the ‘Epic Fail’ of 2009?

"It is designed to save jobs, to create jobs, to restore a sense of confidence to the people of this country." Sen. Jack Reed (D)

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What Can We Expect from the Obama-media this Year?

Will the traditional newspaper survive the rise in news by collective content? Prediction: By the end of 2010 one of the "big 3" networks will no longer be doing an evening newscast!

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ABC News: Suicide Bomber Who Killed Agents Was a Regular CIA Informant!

ABC News: The informant was a Pakistani and a member of the Wazir tribe from the Pakistani tribal area North Waziristan, according to the same source. The base security director, an Afghan named Arghawan, would pick up the informant at the Ghulam Khan border crossing and drive him about two hours into Forward Operating Base Chapman, from where the CIA operates.

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