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Monday, June 7, 2010

Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt on their Event with Sarah Palin!

Prager and Hewitt talk about their Denver, Colorado event where they headlined with Sarah Palin. May 24, 2010. 'I was quite impressed!"

Weiner: Anyone Speaking for BP Who Has British Accent Is Lying!

Congressman Weiner says that all BP employees with British accents are lying to the American people.
"Here's a viewer's guide to BP media briefings: whenever you hear someone with a British accent talking about this on behalf of British Petroleum, they are not telling you the truth."

Beach-goers steer clear of dirty water!

From ABC Action News in Pensacola: Tourists are on the beaches, but wonder if it is safe to swim in the tarball-filled water.

Israel : We Will Not Apologize For Protecting Our Democracy And Citizen's !!!

Chris Wallace intrviews Israel's Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren and Iran's threats to send the "dreaded" Revolutionary Guards to fight Israel.

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Hands Across The Water (Gulf Oil Spill Presidential Timeline)!

This video still montage details the first 42 days of the President's response work to the Gulf Oil Spill. From the looks of thing whenever someone said "Gulf Oil Spill" Obama thought they said "Go Golf still" and so he did! This is a very amusing (though tragic) detailed timeline of what the prez did and didn't do during the first 42 days of the crisis. (The background music is Hands Across The Water by Wings).

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