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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Occupy's Anti-Semitic Slurs Ignored by Left!

The President and his buddies seem to be fans of the "Occupy" movement. Some even claim they created it. They neglect to mention that there is a great deal of hate and even violence in this group. Kudos to YouTuber: ALGNewsNetwork

Watch this and decide for yourself. The evidence is quite glaring!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Michael Moore: Occupy movement Obama's only hope for re-election!

Check out my latest video on my YouTube page: Leftist spokesman, filmmaker and author Michael Moore spoke during a book signing at Barnes & Noble in White Plains on Oct. 24, 2011. During the Q and A, Moore is asked how liberals are going to convince people to vote to re-elect President Obama. Moore responds: "If Obama stands up for the working, middle class over the next year, he can pull it off...I don't know how we can "make him" do that other than through the Occupy movements." (Kudos to YouTuber: WhitePlainsPatch)

Check it out: The 10 Richest Celebrities Supporting Occupy Wall Street from Mogulite (http://www.mogulite.com/richest-celebrities-ows/) . Michael Moore is at #8 with a (capitalistic) net worth of $50 million. He is officially a member of the 1%.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Occupy Portland vs Christians: "F the Bible"!

On October 24, 2011, some Christians came down to the Occupy Portland camp area to spread the word of the Bible and Jesus. A group of 30-50 Occupy Portland protestors came out to debate and argue with the Christian gentlemen. The Portland Police, Oregon State Police, and Multnomah County Sheriff officers were present to ensure everyones safety, which they did a great job.

As the time went by the Occupy Portland protestors started to yell obscenities to the Christians, and started disrespecting them by shouting "HAIL SATAN", "F the Bible", and other very offensive things directed toward religion and these Christians.

The Christian eventually left peacefully, however some of the Occupy Portland protestors continued to follow and harass the Christians. This took place for two and a half blocks downtown Portland and 2 cracked out bums associated with the Occupy Portland group tried to start physical violence against the Christians. No fighting took place thankfully, but the Occupy Portland protestors who followed the Christian members even tried to follow the Christians into their place of business to continue the harassment.  YouTuber: antioccupyportland

Occupy Wall Street Poll: Is Rush Limbaugh More Dangerous than Al Qaeda?

Say it aint so! All Rush is guilty of is engaging in the very freedom that the "Occupy" movement currently enjoys. Which is, expressing ones core beliefs by simply talking. The difference is, Rush understands his core beliefs and how to express them logically and cogently. Likewise, witness how several clueless people attempt to answer this question head on, while perhaps not even understanding who Rush Limbaugh even is. If there was any doubt that the Occupy Wall Street protesters were well out of the societal mainstream, watching this train wreck should confirm for you what most of us already knew.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chuck Fleischmann condemned at Town Hall!

U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee's 3rd congressional district (very) patiently sits through a rant from a teacher who's "cheese has slipped off of her cracker" during a recent town hall meeting in Oak Ridge, TN.

"I think everything you do is misguided and misinformed...you're stupid...my students can't find jobs because you're taking them over seas....Michelle Bachman wants to lower our taxes....we need to raise revenue...my family is from Southern Illinois and they can't drink the water there because of the pollution from the farmers....I have friends and relatives that can't breath and you want more air pollution...if I could go on I would like to tell you every single thing that you're doing wrong.....you need to stop listening to the rich people." 

No commentary required other that to say that it's quite apparent that this individual watches way to much MSNBC and drinks way to much coffee!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Occupy Vancouver: The world's rulers gotta go!

While "occupying" the doorstep of the Vancouver Art Gallery on Oct 15, 2011 this speaker reminds us what the now global "Occupy" movement is all about: "Everywhere on earth we a suffering from rulers....It doen't matter what kind of ruler you are - a holy man ruler, a military dictator, a corporate lawyer, a politician. If your making decisions for other people, you're a ruler and you gotta go. We don't have time for you anymore!"

These comments were followed by cheers of delight and agreement. It'll be fascinating to discover how the "Occupy" movement will remove the world's "rulers"....peacefully.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Safia Arias of the International Socialist Organization: Occupy, the World!

The end of freedom of you've come to love it!
Safia Arias of the International Socialist Organization reveals what the "Occupy" movements in the USA and around the world are "really" about. Like Bush, Obama is now in international cross hairs. She speaks for the 99% (or the oppressed around the world) at Occupy Boston on Saturday October 15, 2011.

"We're here today to protest the last ten years of war and slaughter...by the 1% of society in our name. We're here today because these horrors did not end when George Bush and his cronys got out of office. We're here today because the Democrats refused to end the wars and end the slaughter when they earned a super majority in 2006 and the White House in 2008. Since Obama's administration was elected on an anti-war platform...Obama has refused to shut down Guantanamo Bay...why is the highest politician in office not standing up for the 99%...It's up to us to end these wars because no one else will do it...this system needs to be ended so our children don't have to live on a planet that's slowly getting annihilated.."

At the end she tells the 1% where they can go. Ask yourself: What happens when all the "Occupy" movements around the world decide to put their words into action in the manner described above?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Herman Cain: We're on the track to socialism and this President knows it!

Herman Cain speaking at Heritage Days in Rogersville, TN on October 15, 2011 isn't holding back any punches in regards to his opponent in his vitally important run for the next President of the United States. Starting at 6:40, Herman talks crisis:  

"You don't like the fact that America has become a nation of crisis...
..We have an economic crisis. 
..We have an entitlement spending crisis. 
..We have an energy crisis. 
..We have an illegal immigration crisis. 
..We have a foggy foreign policy crisis. 
..We have a moral crisis.
..and the biggest crisis we have is a deficiency of leadership crisis. We're on the track to socialism and this President knows it. And he's very arrogant about it....The American people want to be on a different track...."


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Black Panther Party at Occupy Cleveland: "We need to take back the Street!"

A representative from the Black Panther Party speaks at Occupy Cleveland: "The first corporation in America was started with slavery." Apparently the sins of the fathers apply also to their sons for an undisclosed, indefinite number of generations. He goes to to say: "Wall Street's walls need to come down and we need to take back the Street....the walls comin' down and the streets comin' back to the people!"

Just what kind of threat is this anyway? Here's another question: You think there will be any Black Panther votes for authentically black, non-cracker Herman Cain?

Occupy Portland: F*ck the USA vs. TEA Party: God bless the USA!

This pretty much sums up the real agenda of the "Occupy" movement. Recorded on October 15, 2011.
Likewise, this reflects the agenda and intentions of your average TEA party. "Proud To Be An American" Under the Gateway Arch with Missourian Neal Boyd, winner of America's got talent.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Wall Street- They recycle!

This Occupy Wall Street participant proudly displays his makeshift recycling center. He explains why:  

There are murmurs through the crowd that the Mayor is now insinuating that there are growing health and sanitation issues at Occupy Wall Street. We have an excellent sanitation crew that has been keeping the park clean. We recycle all garbage and encourage visitors to the park to recycle as well.

Liar, liar, pants on fire: Protesters with the Occupy Wall Street movement threatened on Thursday to block efforts to clean up the Lower Manhattan park where they set up camp nearly a month ago, raising concerns of a showdown with authorities. (Reuters)

He goes on to say that he and his buddies are doing whatever they need to do to make this country work again....for them. Apparently getting an actual paying job is not one of the options they are currently pursuing. After all, you can't expect young people to protest capitalistic Wall Street AND look for a job. That would be a huge conflict of interest!

On The Street with Mark Normand - Occupy Wall Street!

NYC comedian Mark Normand goes down to Occupy Wall Street and asks the protesters about drugs, body odor, Jews, sex, movies, and more.

"The b.o. is really palpable...."No drugs, c'mon, I thought we were protesting.....Try to get some of that unemployment, it's amazing, you don't have to work.....We're going to go beat up some cops you should come."

Hunchback bag lady pushes heavy cart full of cans uphill and then bumps into NYPD and then gestures them out of her way.

Monday, October 10, 2011

It's time for a different black President: Herman Cain!

Herman Cain would make a great President and has got my vote 100%....and I'm a white man. You see, I do not judge a man by the color of his skin but instead by the content of his character. You up for this "fight" America? I sure hope we see it.

Cain grew up in Georgia and graduated from the prestigious Morehouse College in 1967 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics. Cain, accepted for graduate studies at Purdue, received a Masters in computer science there in 1971, while he also worked full-time in ballistics for the U.S. Department of the Navy. As a civilian ballistics analyst, he was responsible for developing fire control systems for ships and fighter planes.

His successes at Burger King prompted Pillsbury to appoint him President and CEO of another subsidiary, Godfather's Pizza. Cain is also the recipient of eight honorary degrees from Creighton University, Johnson & Wales University, Morehouse College, University of Nebraska, New York City Technical College, Purdue University, Suffolk University, and Tougaloo College.

Hey Morgan Freeman, are you listening? Here's an "authentic" black candidate for you!

In the fifth week of the recent Occupy Wall Street protests against the financial sector for leading the United States into an economic collapse, Cain stated in an interview with the Wall St. Journal: "Don't blame Wall Street, "Don't blame the big banks. If you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself. It's not a person's fault because they succeeded. It is a person's fault if they failed. And so this is why I don't understand these demonstrations and what is it that they're looking for."

Check out Herman Cain's 999 Plan (http://www.hermancain.com/999plan). Presently, he's the only "Republican" candidate who has offered one.

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