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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Election 2010: The Halloween Poll!

Chicago Tribune staff reporter Ellen Warren visits Halloween-costumed folks on Navy Pier and the nearby Griffin Lounge, where she surprises them with some basic questions about the upcoming November elections. The last girl interviewed is honest enough to say: "I think Chicago politics is all corrupt!"  Pretty entertaining stuff!

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Arizona Early Voting Shows Signs of Fraud!

From News channel 11, Arizona:
There has been a sharp rise in early voting ballot requests. Due to the fact that some requests were duplicates it appears unclear whether these allegations are true!

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High Turnout for Republican Poll Watch Training in Waco,TX!

From TCMWebTV:
Janet Jackson, SREC for SD-22 held a training seminar to prepare Republicans for poll watching duties through the end of the voting period. Several Republican Women in attendance stated they had never seen such turnout like tonight.

Reports from across the country came in to talk radio programs throughout the night. Michael Savage was speaking of multiple allegations of voter machine errors, voter fraud, and electioneering by Sheila Jackson-Lee in Houston.

To combat the assault from the Liberal Democrats, Janet Jackson, with the support of the Heart of Texas Conservative Coalition (SREC SD-22, GOPisForMe.com, Waco Tea Party) promoted a Training session for Poll Watchers. Republicans in CD 17 and SD-22 came together for the purpose of protecting the vote. The video captures the night, and Mary Hunter, a long time Republican Activist in McLennan County, spoke the truth about Chet Edwards, Obamacare, Seniors and Life.

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The virtues of abortion?

Dr. Elizabeth Newhall appeared on MSNBC's "Rachel Maddow Show" and explained the virtues and positive benefits of abortion. "This is excellent medicine, this is mandatory for public health, for all of our health, for children's health..."

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Big Sis Janet Napolitano: We Can't Seal the Border!

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told Greta Van Susteren Tuesday evening, "We can't seal the border."

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Bertha Lewis: a Socialist Rallying Cry for Immigration Reform!

"We’re getting ready to be a majority, minority country. Shhhh. [applause] We’ll be like South Africa. More black people than white people. [laughter] Don’t tell anybody."

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