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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Radio Exchange Between Israeli Navy and 7th Flotilla Ship Regarding Transfer of Aid to Gaza!

Here is the audio recording of the radio transmission between the Israeli Navy and the 7th flotilla ship, the Israeli Navy offers to transfer all humanitarian supplies on board to Gaza through land crossings in coordination with a third party (including a number of independent aid organisations), so that the Navy would not have to board the ship. Additionally, the Israeli Navy offers that if the ship redirects to dock at Ashdod Port, the cement on board will be transferred into Gaza in coordination with an aid organization to ensure that it is used for civilian purposes.

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Real Time with Bill Maher - Sarah Palin Has a Stalker?

First aired: 06/04/2010. Environmentalist, Van Jones, Author, Andrew Sullivan, Editor, Katrina Vanden-Heuvel.

June 1st, 2010: Joe McGinniss, who moved next door to former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, tells Matt Lauer that he is there to work, not observe her and her family. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/2618489...

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Aerial Footage of IDF Soldiers Boarding the 7th Flotilla Boat without Incident, 5 June 2010!

Aerial footage from 5 June 2010 when the IDF naval commandos boarding the ship attempting to break the maritime closure of the Gaza Strip, they did so with the full compliance of the ship's crew members. According to initial reports, there was no violence or injuries amongst the soldiers or the crew, as the use of force was unnecessary and no shots were fired.

The boat and its crew are being led to the Ashdod port and will be transferred to the custody of the appropriate authorities.

During the morning hours a naval force identified the ship and, as it did in the past, issued numerous calls for it to dock in Ashdod and transfer the goods via the crossings upon inspection. The calls were ignored and it became clear that the boat intended to reach Gaza's shores. The Israel Navy contacted the boat and clarified again that the Gaza Strip was under maritime closure and due to security risks in the area, it would not be permitted to enter.

A short while ago, with the compliance of the crew members, the naval force boarded the ship without incident under the command of the Commander of the Israel Navy, Vice Admiral Eliezer Marom, and is now directing it to the Ashdod port.

Any organization or country wishing to transfer humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip can do so legally via the established ground crossings by coordinating with the relevant authorities, as is done on a near daily basis.

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Why The Japanese Are Crazy About Baseball!

Japanese idol Hoshino Aki (female) throws the first pitch better than President Obama.

Now watch the leader of the free world!

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