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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Seattle's $15.00 Minimum Wage "False Victory"!

Even if you have half a brain, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that raising the minimum wage will actually reduce the number of jobs available and/ or hours worked. Sadly, they will most likely be low income jobs, those which are needed the most desperately. It remains a short lived, false victory. If you don't believe me, consider the opinion from a few of the nations leading journalists below:

"The money for an increased minimum wage has got to come from somewhere, and there are only three places from which it can come: investors, in the form of lower profits; customers, in the form of higher prices; or workers, in the form of fewer jobs. Which group pays for the minimum wage hike depends on how competitive the marketplace is." By Antony Davies and James R. Harrigan

"The answer is obvious. Markets set wages. To stay in business and keep people employed, businesses have to be competitive. The cost of wages is reflected in the price of the product or service to the consumer. When labor costs go up, employers have two choices. They can attempt to pass the price increases on to customers (and perhaps lose their customers) or find a way to cut costs."
By Ellen Sauerbrey

What do you think?

Beating Obamacare 2014 Book Review!

"What Obamacare disaster will hit next? The website launch was a fiasco, millions of Americans' insurance has already been cancelled, the exchanges are still not working, and the enrollment numbers are abysmal. Betsy McCaughey uncovers the next disasters Obamacare is about to spring on an unsuspecting public, and shows you how to protect yourself." Betsy McCaughey

Who is Betsy McCaughey?
Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D., is a health policy expert and the former Lt. Governor of New York State. She has taught at Columbia University, held academic appointments in health policy at the Hudson Institute and the Manhattan Institute, written hundreds of articles for publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Modern Healthcare, The New Republic, and received numerous awards for her writings. She has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, the CBS Morning Show, 20/20, and many other national television and radio programs. She is founder and Chairman of RID—Reduce Infection Deaths—a national campaign to support greater infection control in hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

Following are several insightful reviews by people who actually read the book:

  • The author, in this well-written book, has performed a great service in distilling the information in the Allowable Care Act and so palatably presenting it to the public. She points out the many dangers and threats inherent in Obamacare, which stands to revolutionize and compromise the delivery of the excellent health care we have been expecting and receiving over the past many years. She warns how Americans who receive their insurance via the exchange plans may not have access to the top health care providers by the well-known and highly regarded health care centers of excellence such as Columbia-Cornell, Harvard University, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and the like. In addition there are many superb practicing physicians with whom I have Had the pleasure of sharing my expertise and benefitting from theirs, who too may be off limits to the exchange insured patients. As a physician for over 50 years in New York City, I wonder how these institutions will adapt to the reduction and qualitative changes in the populations they serve. These institutions offer care to patients with difficult or unusual conditions. I am pessimistic regarding the quality of care in the future. Will Obamacare result in many high quality physicians leaving these institutions along with their clinical.educational, and research expertise? This book is very valuable and important to anybody concerned about health care. Norman Sohn, MD 
  • This book helps the reader understand the difference between the ACA--passed into law and upheld by the Supreme Court and Obamacare. This administration has lawlessly changed the healthcare law with no regard to the constitution. McCaughey has turned this book into a tool to not only navigate the ever - changing rules, but also how to restore the Constitution. As a small business owner, understanding regulations (that seem to be ever-changing) is critical. Beating Obamacare is a must read. 
  • I bought Ms. McCaughey's first book, so I was not sure I needed this. But this law has changed so much, - thanks to our President's own actions, that the information in 2014 is totally different. Also this new book has more strategies on what I - or any average Joe - can do! I feel ready, in case my employer drops my coverage, which looks likely. I may also lend this book to my Dad. He's on Medicare, and the first chapter on Medicare cuts is truly eye-opening! 
  • I just got this book, so i haven't read it completely. But my wife and I had a baby last year, and we really need information about health insurance. This book looks great because it is so easy to read and is so clearly organized. I never read political books. But this book is practical. If you are looking for what all those labels mean - like Bronze, Gold, Silver - you get a straight story here. And I am really grateful for the section on Medicare. Both my parents need that information.  
  • Betsy McCaughey is one of the few in our country who has actually read the entire Affordable Care Act. In her book, she provides information and proposes solutions to problems that ordinary Americans are going to encounter as this law is implemented. Her narrative is easy to understand. I highly recommend this book to all who are interested in understanding and preparing themselves for Obamacare.

The Missouri Bridge Mannequin!

KANSAS CITY Mo. (Reuters) - A fully clothed mannequin wearing a President Barack Obama mask was discovered hanging by a rope from a highway overpass in the Kansas City area on Monday, police said.

In today's society of confused and otherwise dwindling moral fabric, who can honestly say they are surprised at this event. Hollywood should have desensitized us to behavior like this years ago. As you read on, you will discover what Americans really think about this....

  • A waste of a perfectly good mannequin.
  • Since we are all equal, a black president is entitled to the same treatment as a white president.
  • So many politicians, so few bridges.
  • Interesting. Our Muslim enemies overseas do that all the time.
  • Bush was hung in effigy during his Presidency - Liberals thought it was cool then
  • You can't hang Obama in effigy. That would be racist. But it's OK to hang George W Bush in effigy. He's white.
  • Obama will sic the IRS on the bridge.
  • The ultimate liberal answer to preventing this from happening again. Tear down that bridge.
  • It's a rite of passage. Bush's effigy was hung quite often once his popularity dwindled. Don't call it a racist stunt. It is just the natural next step for this president, he has lost his mojo.
  • And so it begins...America is finally waking up, the Hope-nosis is wearing off. Obama is now fair game, his race no longer offers the same protection as it once did. And now that the demon is human, it's time to kill it.
  • I think it is more a statement about the presidency than race. All Obama ever does is hang out.
  • The media wasn't this concerned with Benghazi.
  • Four dead in Benghazi, six dead trying to rescue the traitor for whom Obama released five Taliban, hundreds dead from Fast and Furious, vets dying without healthcare while Obama forces the entire nation into a similar health plan as the V.A., and we're worried about a mannequin? Seems to me that the real problem is that it was just a mannequin with a mask. Remember the Rosenbergs!
  • This mannequin was hanging east of Kansas City. The real 'dummy' is hanging in Washington DC..............


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