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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Barney, Fannie and Freddie!

Homestead Mortgage President Bill Burnett discusses the implications of a potential dissolution of the mortgage lenders.

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Obama: I will continue to fight!

Obama spoke at a town hall in Lorain County, Ohio, stressing the idea that while the economy may be rocky and the fight difficult, he will keep on fighting for health care and jobs as long as he's President. He said he's not pursuing this fight for poll reasons; in fact, he said, if he wanted his poll numbers to go up, he would "do nothing."

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Health Care Reform in Limbo!

Now that they have lost their Senate super-majority, congressional Democrats are reaching out to Republicans in an effort to still pass health care reform. .

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Obama attacks US Supreme Court election ruling!

US President Barack Obama has said a US Supreme Court ruling on corporate donations to political campaigns "strikes at democracy itself".

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"As Long As I'm Your President The Most Powerful Voice In Washington Belongs To You"!

Uh huh!

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