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Friday, October 22, 2010

NDN's Alicia Menendez on MSNBC w/ SE Cupp & Naomi Wolf!

SE Cupp and Alicia (why does she have to be a liberal) Menendez: Two reasons to watch these clips from MSNBC. Check out SE and Alicia, virtually the same glasses and hair style (different parts). They talk about the Democrats use of the word "extremist"!

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Democrats call Republicans too extreme!

From Eyewitness News is WPRI TV 12 in Providence, Rhode Island:
Obama sets his sights on specific voters; Democrats paint Republicans as extremists in ads. For you see, cutting taxes and reducing spending is SO extreme and Democrats MUST point this out! Look where the Democrats have brought us in the past two years and you decide who is "crazy", "dangerous" and "extreme"!

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Tea Party Founder, Palin's a Joke!

The man many credit as being one of the original founders of the Tea Party, Karl Denninger has unfortunately called Sarah Palin, and Newt Gingrich, the adopted Tea Party leaders, a joke. He says the movement has been hijacked by the very people it was protesting, and is now obsessed with guns, gays and God. Denninger explains, in his view, how these leaders are dumbing down the movement. (This blogger happens to strongly disagree with Mr. Denninger)

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Harry Reid Takes Credit For Saving The World!

Reid actually says: ‘But for me, we'd be in a world wide depression’! Well Lib Democrats, do you agree?

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Whip Cantor discusses the Obama/Pelosi Agenda on "The Early Show"!

The Early Show hostette asks: "If these TEA party backed candidates win elections wouldn't we just be going from one extreme to the other?" Here's his great answer:

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Juan Williams responds to NPR firing!

Williams talked about his abrupt dismissal in an exclusive interview today on Good Morning America hosted by George Stephanopoulos. I've always liked Juan, even if he is more or less a leftist.

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Pelosi Predicts Democratic Victory In November!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on the Charlie Rose show and predicted Democrats would fight off Republicans and keep the House after the midterm elections. OK, where's the laugh track!

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