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Monday, May 31, 2010

Joe Klein Says Gulf Oil Spill is "Bush's Second Katrina"!

Below is a transcript of relevant portions of the Sunday, May 30, syndicated Chris Matthews Show:

JOE KLEIN, TIME MAGAZINE: This is more Bush’s second Katrina than Obama’s first.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I agree, if you go to the management issue.

KLEIN: Yes, because it was the Bush regulations, it was Dick Cheney’s deregulation, and lording over the Minerals Management-


KLEIN: He is incredibly lucky in his opposition. I mean, you know, the oil spill is a great example. The Republicans look worse on that than the Democrats do. I think that, because there are no really coherent Republican leaders now, he’ll come back.

MATTHEWS: Just like in Illinois when he ran for the Senate, terrible opponents.

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