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Friday, April 4, 2014

Is America bowing down to the LBGT agenda?

One by one, it seems like corporate America is bowing down and acquiescing to the demands of the LBGT community. In the news just today: SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Mozilla Chief Executive Brendan Eich has stepped down, the company said on Thursday, after an online dating service urged a boycott of the company's web browser because of a donation Eich made to opponents of gay

So what does America think:

--A few questions for the LBGT community: 1) What is your definition of tolerance? My definition - the ability for two parties to agree to disagree in the public arena without compromising their core convictions, 2) If you truly believe in equal/human rights, why does your human rights trump the rights of those who disagree with your lifestyle? 3) Since the majority of the LBGT community believe in some version of human secularism i.e. everything is relative a.k.a there are no absolutes then why do you even care they oppose your life style because it just as valid to agree with it? 

--I am Pro Gay marriage but I am really disappointed in this whole controversy. Mr. Eich has done amazing things for the internet and browsers and it's a shame that a measly 1,000 dollars is what people think is more important than his contributions. For people that do not know what Javascript is, it's a programming language that Mr. Eich invented and it is used today on nearly every website. You would not be able to comment on yahoo without Javascript. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and almost every other website that has dynamic content on it would not be in the format it is today without Javascript. 

--This is no longer a free country. We are held hostage by the homosexual community and other radical agenda groups that demand we change to fit their "idea" of freedom. The homosexuals can think anything they desire, but those that think it is disgusting and sinful are not allowed to voice their beliefs? What happened to freedom of speech? What happened to the "free thinking" ideaology of the '60s. If they want to think they are all that, then that is fine. I do not think someone should be harrassed or persecuted because they are homosexual, that is their choice (yes, I said choice), but no one should be ostrasized because of oppositional thinking to that lifestyle. The problem is that the people that are in charge of these companies are backing down because they are afraid to stand up for what their beliefs. If someone doesnt want to use Mozilla's software, then dont use it. I wouldn't use OkStupid's dating service either. But I wouldn't try to create a boycott of their services because they didnt like my lifestyle. What a bunch of dweebs! 

--I'm tired of this controversy with all this catering to gay people who say "boo' and everyone jumps. Get Mr. Eich back and apologize to him. Firefox was my main browser but it won't be anymore because I'm doing to you what you did to Mr. Eich. Too bad! Go home and grow up. Tolerance works both ways. 

--A while back some group called the Million Moms (or something like that) protested JC Penney hiring Ellen DeGeneres as a spokesperson, many Conservatives came out publicly to support Ellen, insisting she has the right to work, most notably Bill O'Reilly who defended her on his show, Ellen publicly thanked him on her show for his support. Ellen could do a lot to stop this LGBT bullying that's happening by returning the courtesy and commenting on her show about how wrong it is to try to punish people and deny them employment for differing views...that would be great.....just don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen! 

--If this man was a white supremacists and spoke out against Jews or minorities a lot of you would have issues with him and want him gone. If this man was a vocal radical Muslim and spoke out against Christians you would want him gone. If this man was a convicted rapists or child molester you would want him gone. AND if this man was very vocal about the support of gay rights you would want him gone. A lot of people start screaming BOYCOTT on any company or business that sides with these gay people but if they are anti-gay and think like you the same people who yesterday was boycotting 3 businesses and 2 CEOs for being pro-gay are now screaming about it being unfair and Freedom of Speech. Makes no sense. 

--This is just ridiculous. Everyone has a right to have their opinion as long as they do not discriminate based on their views.


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