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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Democrat Senator says boycott Georgia!

Vincent D. Fort was first elected to the Georgia State Senate from the 39th District in 1996. He represents part of Fulton County. He demagogues the recent immigration reform and ridiculously compares Georgia to South African Apartheid. The Democrats seem to care more about their pet social projects than jobs, economic recovery, or following the law. YouTuber secularstupidest

Unemployment Hits 9.2%; Obama Blames… Everyone Else!

H/T breitbart.tv:
Greece, natural disasters, high gas prices, state budget cuts, Wall Street and uncertainty about the debt ceiling were all cited by the president as reasons for the horrible employment situation. He then called for increased "investments".

Use of a teleprompter when coupled with the human factor can bring forth unexpected, enjoyable results for the viewer. The next few minutes features President Obama experiencing an unfair share of difficulties with his grumpy, uncooperative teleprompter. He is followed by a few surprises from several other familiar media figures!

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