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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rev. Isaac Hayes (R-CAND-IL-2) speaks at ShoreBank demonstration!

Joel Pollak, Republican nominee for U.S. Congress in the 9th congressional district of Illinois, led several dozen demonstrators in protest against the corrupt ShoreBank bailout outside ShoreBank's downtown branch on LaSalle St. in Chicago today.

The Pollak campaign was joined by Rev. Isaac Hayes, black Republican nominee in the 2nd congressional district against Jesse Jackson, Jr. Members of the Chicago Tea Party also attended, handing out leaflets and showing their opposition to the ShoreBank bailout.

The demonstrators demanded a full forensic audit of ShoreBank before it can receive $75 million that the U.S. Treasury is about to give it to cover its capital shortfall.

Afro American Obama Supporter Brutally Punches Tea Party Member in NY!

"During a Rally at Mel Watt's office to protest the Durbin amendment, or Bailout, some dope had to stop by screaming. He ended up pushing a woman around and then he hits the guy in the face. We are not even certain if he was arrested."

You tell me Mr. President, is America new and improved?

In June 2008, when then Senator Obama clinched the Democratic nomination, he told supporters in a speech that they would look back on the day as the moment when the earth began to heal and the jobless would find jobs. In his installment of You Tell Me, Paul Gleiser looks at those words through the prism of real-world events.

Republican Terry Branstad Vows To Create Jobs And Cut Taxes!

Former Iowa Governor Branstad Seeks to regain hid old job. Here is his most recent PSA!

More Left-wing Violence at Peaceful Tea Party Protests!

This week, a group of local citizens in Greensboro, North Carolina protesting the Financial Reform bill and the Durbin BP Bailout amendment were accosted and then physically attacked by a left-wing activist who blamed George Bush for America's ills.

The Obama Bamboozle!

A brief video reminder of how America was bamboozled by Obama and his legion of Socialist Democrats. CONSERVATIVE VICTORY 2010!

The Palin Factor!

Sarah Palin reacts to big primary wins for Republican women.

Winning tickets!

Sharron Angle wins the U.S. Senate Republican primary.

Brad Zaun's speech after winning the 3rd Congressional District Republican primary.

Former Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad's speech after winning the Iowa Republican gubernatorial primary election.

James O'Keefe interview on "The Stage Right Show"!

The young man who produced and directed the ACORN sting videos and the latest Census Dept. investigation will joins Steve us live for a discussion of his past projects and future plans. You'll need to fast forward about 15 minutes.
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