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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tea Party Not Racist, Muslims Are....

So says (black) Dr. James David Manning of ATLAH, New York when discussing the current dispute between the NAACP and the Tea Party. "The TEA party isn't racist...There are just some things about people's lifestyles that other people don't want to be around...and I can say Amen to that myself!...I am in the most virulent opposition to that Mosque at Ground Zero!...They want to build a monument to their victory over the American people back on 9/11, and their going to get it done!"

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Democrats must be behind in the polls because of George W. Bush!

Lungren (R-Gold River-CA) on the House floor:
"Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. The polls show the democrats are in trouble because every time that happens social security is pulled out of the back pocket. Republicans are going to destroy social security. This party is the only party that saves social security.

"Democrats must be behind in the polls because they are pulling up George W. Bush. I have looked all over the campus, I can't find him. I went down to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He left!

"Maybe you folks didn't notice. President Obama is there. What a real shame it is that current democrats are running away from the democratic party of J.F.K.

"He told us, forget about class warfare. A rising tide lifts all boats.

"Maybe you ought to listen to some of those on your side who didn't talk about fear but talked about hope."

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The Laura Ingraham Show - Gov. Rick Perry blasts Obama!

On The Laura Ingraham Show, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas blasts President Obama on the issue of immigration saying @5:31, "This is an administration that loves to talk, but you don't see much action. It's an affront to those of us who live on this border--we got 1,200 miles of an 1,800-mile border here in Texas--they're sending 250 additional personnel to the border of Texas. That is on it's face an affront...We are pushing back every moment against this administration. We continue to see them not addressing this issue of border security. Put the boots on the ground. We need 3,000 additional border patrol agents on our border with Mexico just in Texas."

@3:26 Perry also explains his opposition to the Arizona immigration law: "We totally support Arizona's right to pass that legislation...There were a couple things in that legislation that we didn't think were right for Texas. I'm against the provision in the bill that would allow citizens to sue police departments for failure to uphold the law."

@4:35 The Governor trashed the media for misreporting his point of view.

Sessions Discusses Judicial Activism, Kagan's Fitness for Court!

In his concluding remarks today, Sen. Sessions summarized his concerns with Elena Kagan's nomination, saying she fits President Obama's mold of a judge who allows their view of "what America should be" to influence their rulings. As Sessions points out, such outcome-based judging is contrary to the American tradition of law.

Why didn't the NAACP condemn Harry Reid for his "light skin" comment?

Benjamin Jealous CEO, NAACP is asked a few 'pointed" questions by a reporter as he tries to get into his car. He aslo thinks the New Black Panther Party is a creation of Fox News.

Indiana Planned Parenthood Caught On Tape Giving Fabricated Medical Information!

Recorded at Planned Parenthood located at 8847 Commerce Park Place #J, Indianapolis, IN 46368
INDIANAPOLIS, July 20--The youth-led pro-life group Live Action released a new undercover video today showing staff at an Indianapolis Planned Parenthood clinic using manipulative and medically inaccurate counseling to convince a young woman to have an abortion. This is the third undercover video Live Action has released showing abusive counseling practices at Planned Parenthood of Indiana.

When the woman, purportedly 10-weeks pregnant, asks the clinician, named "Sarah," when her baby's heart begins to beat, Sarah replies, "It's around I think the 8th or the 9th week that you can hear the heartbeat." The heart actually begins beating 3 weeks and 1 day after conception, according to Moore and Persaud's well-known textbook The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology. The Planned Parenthood clinician also insists, "It's not a baby, it's a fetus," which, she claims, is "not like a person."

In the video, Sarah assures the woman that "having an abortion is safer than carrying to term." The woman asks, "The abortion won't hurt me from having more kids in the future, will it?" and the counselor replies, "Nope." But a 2009 study from the Obstetrical and Gynecological Survey recently found that a previous abortion increased a woman's risk of pre-term birth by 20%, and a 2003 report from the Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research notes a 55% increased risk of future miscarriages for women who have abortions....

Muslims in paris admit agenda!

Muslims take over a part of Paris every friday for 2 1/2 hours and provide their own security to establish Islamic control over the area. This clip was posted at http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/at... and the original site is on the video. He spent 4 hours with me this evening going over each phrase. Any errors are mine. Lastly, whoever filmed this has gonads of the finest brass. Thank you for doing it. Lets hope people notice and actually do something. This video does show however that this isnt about religion the way western peoples think of it. It is not about religion at all but about establishing sharia law through force, and establishing a seperate judiciary, enforcement and laws for themselves, and enforcing it on the infidel.

JournoList: The Jeremiah Wright Sermons the Liberal Media Didn’t Want You to Focus On During the 2008 Election!

JournoList Flashback: Today, the Daily Caller revealed that in 2008, liberal members of the e-mail list known as "JournoList" colluded to pressure main stream media from focusing on the sermons of then-Senator Obama's pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Here is a sample of the sermons from Pres. Obama's mentor and spiritual advisor that the press didn't think you needed to focus on.

Source: Breitbart

Help Us Identify This Man; Glenn Beck Exposes Phony Racist Charge!

Do you know this man? The liberal think tank Center for American Progress created a video holding this man up as proof that Tea Parties accept racists in their ranks. In this video, Glenn Beck exposes how the Center for American Progress edited out the fact that the Tea Party members ridiculed, harassed and berated this guy and did not accept him at all.

Does anyone recognize him? Wouldn't it be interesting to learn that he is not a racist Klansman after all?

Source: Breitbart

Racist Mexican Group Harasses Tea Party - "You're Too White. Go Back to Europe"!

A racist Latino group harassed tea party patriots this week in Anaheim, California. The racists told the tea party patriots to "Go back to Europe!"

Of course, this didn't get any attention from the state-run media.

Illegal immigration supporting Brown Beret protesters harass American patriots in front of Californians rallied in front of Angel Stadium (Anaheim, CA) that are trying to support Arizona's SB 1070 law on Tuesday July 13, 2010.

Nicknamed the Tan Klan or Latino KKK, the Brown Berets are a paramilitary organization founded in the 1960′s that support illegal immigration as a way to forge a racially pure homeland for Latino's by overthrowing part or all of the United States. Many of these brown Nazis call their plans for a racist homeland 'Aztlan'.

While this woman brazenly screams racist comments through a bull horn, she can do so because the Obama administration and most of the major news networks in America have her back.

While many in the media will conceal this incident, coverage of the NAACP's false claim the Tea Party Movement is racist can be found on all networks.

If America knew the truth about the real violence and racism that is pervasive in the pro illegal alien and pro Comprehensive Immigration Reform AMNESTY movement, then CIR would be destroyed.

Breitbart, Hannity and Herman Cain Explore Racist Speech at NAACP Awards Dinner!

Andrew Breitbart appeared on the Sean Hannity Radio Show today to discuss the exclusive video broken here at Breitbart.tv showing a USDA official speaking at an NAACP event.

Source: YouTube via Breitbart

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