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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag shirts!!!

On Cinco de Mayo at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, CA, students were told they could not wear an American flag on their person: "They said we could wear it on any other day, but today is sensitive to Mexican-Americans because it's supposed to be their holiday so we were not allowed to wear it today." Political correctness run amuck indeed!

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Amazing Nashville flooding & aftermath video!

From local news channel 2, aerial footage of the Nashville’s Opry Land hotel, shopping and neighborhood environs showing the incredible flood waters many feet deep leaving only buildings and the tops of trees visible from above:

Here a house burns uncontrollably even though it’s completely surrounded by water:

Here are the results of the Nashville suburb of Bellevue after the flood waters receded in their local area. Placed near the curb of almost every house are huge piles of water soaked boxes, stuffed plastic bags, damaged appliances, ect.

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Deaths in Athens riot over cutbacks, debt crisis!

A bailout gone wrong?
"Rioting over harsh austerity measures left three people dead in a torched Athens bank and clouds of tear gas drifting past parliament, in an outburst of anger that underlined the long and difficult struggle Greece faces to stick with painful cutbacks that come with an international bailout. The deaths were the first during a protest in Greece in nearly 20 years.
Fear that the bailout won't stop the debt crisis from spreading to other financially troubled EU countries like Portugal and Spain intensified amid the violence Wednesday, as credit ratings agency Moody's put Portugal on watch for a possible downgrade." http://apnews.myway.com/article/20100505/D9FGTD900.html

Is this coming to America?

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