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Friday, May 3, 2013

Hilarious responses to the 2013 BLS April jobs report!

Headline: US employers added 165K jobs in April, lowering unemployment rate to 4-year low of 7.5 pct. The following are responses posted that were posted on Yahoo in response to the article:

-When bush was in office, I swear they would quote 400,000 as a healthy number. Now 165k is good.

-More Obama propaganda. Just look at Main Street and how your Neighbors are doing

-I was thinking we suggest to the government that they just simply eliminate ALL unemployed from counting in the report and that way we could get some really awesome numbers! The market would just love that.

-Just wondering if anyone else noticed that there was a fire at the Department Of Labor? Smells like someone is covering up their tracks...

-Big news is the fire that probably destroyed many records?????

-Over 500,000 "dropped out of the workforce" yet the unemployment rate went down. If you or I ran a business like the Government did, we'd be doing time for fraud and corruption.

-Thank you walmart and fast food joints. Im sure we will continue to watch growth in the food stamp and welfare department. Hows your morning Kool aid taste this morning crats? grape or strawBarry?

-Just think, if a few more of you had voted for McCain/Palin instead of the most Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Private Sector 'president' in History, we would have been well on our way to a prosperous recovery!

-Fire? Were they burning the true numbers?

-That doesnt even keep up with people of working age joining the market so like all these reports its total #$%$ and means more people dropped out of the workforce.

-Reports like these just go to show how out-of-touch the people who report these numbers are. Every economist predicted the rate staying at 7.6 and adding low 100's. Either every economist in America is wrong, or the BLS is producing these numbers with "magic".

-If Romney was our president now, unemployment would be at 2%. He should run again and save this country.

-Meanwhile, Obama is trying to grow the economy in Mexico, and import a few more million foreigners to take your jobs. Worst President EVER!

-Terrific. More jobs created that will require food stamp assistance

-In other news, suicide rates among the middle class highest ever...
Fewest in labor market in decades.
Highest number ever on disability
Record number food stamps
Food bank shelves empty
etc. etc.

-If you don't like the numbers you're getting, change the way you calculate them. It's the Alinsky way.

-Sweet! I am going to crack open that box of wine and celebrate! Its the roaring 20's again folks, lets rejoice!

-Why don't people believe the fact that baby boomers are retiring and it is messing with old norm numbers. Of course the participation rate is going to be messed with when an extra 80,000 people retire a month. Just look at the numbers swelling on S/S and it is obvious to all that understand the dynamics of removing that kind of number from the workforce.

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