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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Gets Scoop on SEIU Kathy Castor Townhall Meeting

Rush Limbaugh on Friday received a call from a couple who attended the Tampa Townhall meeting. This is that Rush call voiced over a YouTube video of the event.

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Old School Footage of Rush Limbaugh in 1990!

In 1990, a year or two before he became super-famous, Rush Limbaugh guest-hosted Pat Sajak’s short-lived talk show. It didn’t go so well: The taping was disrupted by a group of angry activists who were seated throughout the audience. A visibly rattled Limbaugh was unable to regain control of the show. “He came out full of bluster and left a very shaken man,” a CBS executive later said. “I had never seen a man sweat as much in my life.” Eventually Limbaugh made it to the first commercial break, and then, barely, to the next one; when the show returned from the second break, the activists were gone—along with the rest of the audience. A demoralized Limbaugh then delivered self-serving closing remarks to an empty studio.

P.S.: Rush is no bully, he's simply misunderstood by clueless critics!
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