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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SNL’s Obama/O’Reilly Interview!

That's not the makings of a bow, is it?
Saturday Night Live performed a perfect parody of Bill O'Reilly's much hyped interview with President Obama. O'Reilly is very arrogant and self-absorbed and SNL pegged him. Enjoy the spoof.

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Inside Egypt's Opposition - Muslim Brotherhood!

From 25 July 2005 - Egypt's burgeoning pro-democracy movements prepare for battle with president Hosni Mubarak ahead of September's election. Ask yourself, who's really in charge at the present moment?

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Niall Ferguson destroys Obama over Egypt!

Just one nagging question: Which grand strategy should Obama have pursued in lieu of the one he chose, i.e. backing Mubarak and then hedging once demonstrators forced a direct confrontation? In the clip, Ferguson mentions American assistance to dissidents in eastern Europe during the Soviet era, which helped prepare the ground for transitioning to liberal democracy once Russian hegemony collapsed. Not only hasn’t The One reached out to Egyptian liberals, he actually cut the funding provided to them by Bush’s administration once he took office.

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