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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Teen 'Horror Blogger' Ashlee Martinson's cached copy of "Unworthy"!


Rushing through the woods late at night. Deep into the darkest corner where the agonizing screams can not be heard. Walking into a small cabin. Marveling at the sweet horrors of blood that I thirst for. I then take the next victim who is unconscious. I tightly bind them to a low table.
Awaiting them to wake once more. I clean the dry blood off my tools from a previous session. The last body has been disposed of just hours before, yet I have not been satisfied with the pain, agony and blood. I bend down as they start to wake.
“Welcome to hell.” I whisper in her ear. “Never again will you see the light of day.”
Small sobs echo throughout the room.
“My sweet little pet, don’t you cry.” I stoke her hair softly. “It’ll end just as quickly as it began.”
Walking over to the table, I chose a small dagger. Its silver catches the small amount of light I have allowed to penetrate the room. I slowly bring the dagger up to her lips, cutting an outline around them. The red blood stains her soft lips like lipstick. I smile and continue to cut around her eyes as well.
Her tears and hysterics cause me too grin wider as her eyes close at the sight of me.
“Don’t go yet my dear. There is still so much more fun we can have!”
I grab a new knife from the table and bring it to her hands, making deep cuts in her palms. I then grab a pair of pliers and slowly begin to rip her nails off one at a time. Dreadful screams fill the air once more as blood rushes from her hands. My work is not over just yet. I pour a small amount of green liquid onto her hands. She attempts to clench her fists and she digs her fingers into the table, causing more screams to fill the air as kindles the fire of insanity that burns within my heart.
I then trace a sharpened blade along her blue veins. “Open your eyes sweetheart and look into the dark soul of your tormentor!”
The does not obey my command and refuses to open her eyes.
“Maybe we should make the darkness permanent?”
Before any answer is given, I plunge the knife into her left eye socket, creating a wet gushing sound as her blood drips and oozes down her cheek. The screams are exhilarating, making the fire of hatred for her burn within my heart so much more greater. I then take the knife to her next eye. Grinning wickedly with pure joy, I slowly rip it out, laughing at the small girls pain. She soon threatens to slip away from consciousness.
“Oh!” I say in surprise. “No, no, no my pet you aren’t allowed to sleep just yet! It’s daytime now, look, the sun has risen.”
I smile, knowing full well, she shall never see light again. I eye the gasoline and matches sitting on the table. I pour some over her hand and strike a match.
“Seek fire, filth. For it is the only way to overcome the darkness!”
I then set her hands on fire and watch as the flames slowly eat away at the skin. They quickly lick up her arms and neck. I watch her in agony as I relish in her screams of pain. For me it’s one of the many prey I have captured. For others, I feel a certain joy in my heart. Jokingly, I then take the life of a daughter, friend, girlfriend. Inside I smile, but on the outside I let the darkness consume me.
I then plunge the knife into her heart, watching as she chokes on her own blood that drips from her parted lips.
Another has just departed this life forever, and what a better world it shall be as soon as I eliminate filth who are unworthy of life, just like she was.

May her mother and step-father rest in peace and justice be served to those responsible.

The Bill and Hillary Clinton Denial Machine!

Bill Clinton did not have sexual relations nor did Hillary Clinton email any classified material. They said so, therefore it must be true. Losers!
Hillary Clinton looking a bit like Angelina Jolie

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