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Monday, January 31, 2011

President Bush speaks candidly about “Decision Points” and his Presidency!

During a great interview on CNN on January 24th, former President George W. Bush talked about his best-selling memoir Decision Points. The program took place on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where his presidential library will be located. Nineteen students from the university asked Mr. Bush questions about his administration, his programs, and his future plans. Here are a few snippets followed by the hour long video:

I was at work every day at 6:30AM as I believe it is important for somebody running a complex organization to be disciplined in behavior...

I am not a political pundit, nor do I want to be one. just keep in mind, things change fairy quickly in the fifth -- the political process now. part of the 24-7...

Brian Lamb: There is talk about how right wing cable caused (the Arizona shooting). What is your take?

I think it was a lunatic who got hold of a weapon who created a terrible act and caused a lot of suffering. My view is we ought to focus on the victims and pray for their recovery.

The 24-7 news cycle creates a lot of noise and gives people the opportunity to scream….

I read the Bible every morning, (every morning, folks) and here I go again. I do get inspired by a religion and the call to serve others…

I believe in order to balance the budget now you have to grow the economy so tax revenues are robust…

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